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Mister Freeze was an petty criminal from Gotham City whose physiology was changed by accident which gave him cryokinesis powers.

Before becoming Mr. Freeze, Victor Fries was nothing more than a common bank robber. After a successful heist involving diamonds, Victor found himself pursued by the Batman and ended up being chased into a cryonics laboratory. Victory met his fate there when in attempt to reclaim his diamonds that he had dropped whilst fending off the bat. Victor jumped in an attempt to catch his diamonds and fell in one of the cryogenic pods which had a live exposed wire inside it. Despite the Batman's attempt to help Victor, it proved futile, and Victor was presumed to be dead. However Victor was electrocuted at the same time his blood was frozen, which ended up turning him into a neither living nor dead mutant, who could generate extreme cold around himself. Victor's body was later, at one point. put under observation by a scientist. However, Victor soon escaped and forced the scientist to build him a suit that could contain and grant him better control over his new powers. Victor would then use his newfound abilities to become the supervillain Mr. Freeze.

Freeze later attacks a ship and other locations around Gotham to steal the most rarest diamonds. He encounters Batman yet again but instead of defeat, Freeze manages to escape and continue with his crime spree. Batman then questions if he should keep up his crime fighting career since he creates criminals like Mr. Freeze. He soon released that it was Victors own fault he ended up like this and stopped his plan to be emperor of Gotham leaving him for the police.

Mr. Freeze later works with Firefly in their attempt to have the city showed in a never ending winter. This soon fails when Batman defeats the two to save Gotham. Both villain's also end up turning on each other due to their different attributes and after a fight between Freeze and Firefly both are left for the police.

Mr. Freeze also rivaled Penguin in racing against each other to find and rob valuable treasure hidden under the sea. Freeze uses Ewan Fripp, Alfreds old friend, for locating the treasure. Mr. Freeze, in the end, fights Penguin for the treasure. Batman stops both of them from hurting each other and gets them arrested by the police. Penguin blames Freeze for getting them caught.

Freeze is soon captured by Rumor in his attempt to kill him alongside Gotham's criminals. When Freeze is released, he tries to freeze Batman but accidentally freezes most of the criminals and then Batman opens the cell he is standing on, causing him to fall down. Batman then throws the Kabuki Twins onto Freeze to then lock up the cell leaving him and the others to get arrested alongside Rumor.

Freeze alongside Penguin, Bane, and Joker later fight the Joining as well as assisting the police in their battle. Him and Gordan later share a mutual respect for each other after Freeze saves Gordan from a robot.

Freeze is eventually hired by Lex Luthor alongside Bane, Black Mask, and Clayface to kill Superman. Freeze attempts to stop him from breathing by freezing Superman. However, Batman and Robin arrive and defeat him alongside the three villains. He also tried attacking the city after Batman was dead (hibernating for 1,000 years) but was stopped with the help of holograms of Batman and his neutralising formula. However, in this instance his appearance was changed into that of a man who had multiple mechanic "arms" from his lower half of his body and with no legs.







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