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Quote1.png Aten is the giver of all things. He gives us life. He is, after all, the sun itself. And when that sun casts its purging light on this dark city, it will stream in here. Quote2.png
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Victor Goodman is a villain known as King Tut, who worships the Egyptian sun god, Aten.

Victor Goodman

Dr. Victor Goodman was a passionate Egyptologist who worked at the Gotham Museum of Antiquities. He believed in his radical theory that the pharaoh King Tut was murdered for still believing in the sun god Aten, even after it was disproved. When the museum had the chance to bring a King Tut exhibit to Gotham, Victor strongly advocated it because it was an opportunity to educate the city and bring the past to life, as well as present his theory. However, the trustees thought it was too risky, with all of the crime in Gotham, and they declined the exhibit. This enraged Victor, resulting in him getting fired for threats.

Afterwards, Victor transformed himself into a living King Tut and sought revenge, claiming to be the messenger of Aten. Using the Hymn to Aten as a basis for his crimes, he targeted and murdered people on the museum's board of trustees, while leaving Egyptian-themed riddles that correlated with his attacks. He also embezzled money from the museum to fund his crusade. The first time he encountered Batman, he condemned him for being a part of the darkness that had taken over Gotham. Batman later teamed up with the Riddler, who did not appreciate his modus operandi being stolen, to catch Tut, but they fell into his deathtrap, where he revealed that he used riddles to lure the Riddler out of Arkham Asylum, blaming his past robberies of the museum for causing the trustees to fear theft.

King Tut then kidnapped Leigh Carson, another trustee, and took her to his lair to execute her for denying Gotham the glory of Aten. There, Leigh revealed that she had helped him steal the money, but Tut did not believe her. The Riddler tried to save Leigh, but she rejected his help and turned on him instead. Ultimately, King Tut was apprehended by Batman, leading him to believe that he was abandoned by his god. However, he was visited in prison by Leigh, who had transformed herself into Queen Anhkesenamun, restoring King Tut's faith.[1][3][2]



  • Obsession: King Tut is obsessed with things related to ancient Egypt and fancies himself as a pharaoh. He was so obsessed that he believed himself to be the messenger of Aten, and was driven to madness when the Gotham Museum of Antiquities refused to show a King Tut exhibit.



  • Victor Goodman's name is a play on the name of the actor who portrayed King Tut in the TV series, Victor Buono (which means "good man" in Italian).
  • The real King Tut was originally named Tutankhaten, meaning "living image of Aten", before he changed it to Tutankhamun to reflect his religion.


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