The Truth was an enemy of the Enigma.

Victor Lamont was once an actor and star of stage and screen. He lived in a lavish mansion in Pacific City, California. Victor was one of several individuals transformed into a super-villain by the mysterious Enigma. The Enigma, in his quest to provide himself with adversaries in order to a achieve a sense of identity and boundaries, patterned Victor's transformation after an old 1970s comic book super-villain known as the Truth.

As the Truth, Victor had the ability to see into the soul of an individual and ferret out the lies and deceit that had governed their lives. He despised deception and slaughtered anyone and everyone he could find after showing them "the truth". He first massacred the patrons of the Grapes of Wrath restaurant, killing twenty-five people and traumatizing a further fifteen. He then terrorized the parishioners of Saint Peter's Cathedral, claiming more than sixty victims.

The Enigma appeared at the cathedral and fought with him. The Truth believed that the Enigma was the antithesis of everything that he represented and nearly defeated him. The Enigma persevered however and defeated the Truth, ultimately killing him.



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