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The Question was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.

A self admitted conspiracy theorist, the Question proved pivotal in the unraveling of the Project Cadmus affair. He also had a relationship with Huntress, after she was fired from the League.

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  • Investigation: A conspiracy theorist, Vic Sage is constantly assuming a sinister motive. Nonetheless, he investigates constantly even if it puts him in harms way.[1][2]
  • Intimidation: Like Batman uses his cape and mask, Question uses his faceless mask and overcoat to intimidate opponents.[1]
  • Interrogation: Question can retrieve any information he needs after intimidating his targets. He uses his theories and tactics to gain that information.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Vic Sage is a street fighter and can disarm opponents relatively easily.[1][2]
  • Tactical Analysis: Despite his somewhat strange motivations, Vic knows how to plan and how to enact said plans.[1]
  • Computer Hacking: While investigating suspicious rumors about Cadmus, Question infiltrated and stole over three terabytes of data from one of their facilities.[3]
  • Driving


  • Question's Mask: A mask that makes his facial features appear blank, which can only be removed with a special aerosol spray.


  • Victor is sometimes simply known as Q.


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