Victor "Vic" Sage is a rogue crime buster who uses the alias "The Question".

Vic's actions have been shown to be erratic and irrational, as he would use dark methods in order to gain information during his investigations. Vic was one of the founding member of the premier super hero team Pax Americana, which consisted of himself,Blue Beetle I, Nightshade I, and Tiger.

The Question has always been obsessed with asking questions. This has lead to a living a never ending quest of finding the answers to the unsolvable questions that have existed. Such as the death of the first super hero Yellowjacket.

Early on in his career he would often work alongside the original Blue Beetle Dan Garrett. At one point during one of their patrols, Question would ask Dan why he would use his wealth to design high tech gadgets and vehicles just stop a simple drug dealer. Where as he could use his wealth to end poverty or stop crime more directly.

During one of his investigations he interrogates a dirty cop working under the corrupt Vice-President. While being tortured by Vic, the cop managed to confess of the Vice President's wrongdoing as he revealed that he had received his orders from Sargeant Steel, and that he had heard rumours of a plan to have Captain Atom murdered and of a secret formula. Rather than saving the cop, The Question allowed him to die.

He was uncovering the truth behind the death of Nora O' Rourke the girlfriend of Peacemaker. While investigating their home he uncovers several clues leading to believe that Nora's death was induced from being bludgeoned by an unknown assailant with a Janus-head sculpture, a feat that Question believes that murder would have to super human strength in order to do.

Due to how close the Question was to the truth, the Vice President ordered for his immediate capture by his teammates, under the pretense that he had gone rogue. He was seen being chased by the current Blue Beetle Ted Kord along with the current Nightshade Eve Eden. While following him in his airship Ted attempted to reason with Vic. Knowing how much Ted relied on technology he decided until he pulled out a remote that activates a magnet that restrains Ted's airship.

After facing Ted he would leave the by via the subway tunnels. He soon encounter Nightshade who the Question easily defeats in combat and warns her about how her superiors believed that they've been controlling things, he would end their conversation with a cryptic message about how they neglected to realize who was really controlling the board on which they played.





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