Victor Stone or "Cyborg" was a member of the Teen Titans.

Presumably following his main counterpart, Stone was a footballer who later suffered devastating injuries in an accident with his father using robotic technology to save Victor's life, resulting in him becoming half-human and half-machine.

Adapting the name, "Cyborg", Victor joined the Teen Titans, participating in numerous missions alongside his teammates.

After one mission, Cyborg was present when Dick Grayson and Wally West announced their intentions to give up being superheroes and return to civilian life, news that left the team stunned.

Cyborg was later seen in the Teen Titans kitchen, reading a paper before he was shocked by an explosion that had actually been caused by Terra or Gaia who destroyed the Titans HQ while also sending Wonder Girl and Starfire along with Cyborg into space while buried in rock, the impact killing all three instantly.



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