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Quote1.png I mean, don't you recognize that? Like... after all that, what the hell did you turn me into? I am a S.T.A.R. Labs security guard! You trated my humanity for a symbol. You robbed me of the chance to define myself. Why the hell would I give a fuck about how people see me? I've been standing before my father this entire time, appearing as the man I used to be, and he won't even embrace me. He can't even look at me. My own father won't even bring himself to hug his own son. All he can think about is fear. You wanted me to walk through this world free? Well, I want to walk the world as the man I was born to be. Quote2.png
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Victor "Vic" Stone, best known as Cyborg, is a charismatic, energetic, and ambitious superhero who became a member of the Doom Patrol, acting as field leader on several missions. He is enhanced with cybernetic weapons and software, making him a powerful member of the team.

Early Life

Vic Stone was born around 1996 to S.T.A.R. Labs scientists Silas and Elinore Stone. Raising him in Detroit, Michigan, Silas and Elinore were strict but fair and loving parents, although Vic was much closer to his mother. He was a high school football star with a bright future in sports, but in a fit of rage, he accidentally caused a terrible explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs, killing his mother and destroying much of his body. Silas was able to save his life by replacing the lost parts of his body with cybernetic implants. Wanting to see his son do something he could be proud of, Silas added enhancements to the cybernetics, adding weapons and gadgets, and convinced Vic to fight crime with them. Donning the name "Cyborg" and aided by S.T.A.R. Labs, he became Detroit's local hero, aiming to one day become a member of the Justice League.

Silas pushing Vic so hard strained their relationship, as Silas became more controlling and manipulative of his son, almost living through his achievements. Vic actually found he had a better father figure through Niles Caulder, a scientist friend of his father's, who acted as a kindly mentor and often encouraged him to visit his home, a manor just outside of Cloverton, Ohio, and meet the tenants who lived there.[3]

Search for the Chief

While searching for crime reports in 2019, Vic discovered that Cloverton had been destroyed, and traveled there to investigate and check up on Caulder. Arriving in town, Vic met Cliff Steele, a sarcastic and aggressive cyborg and one of Caulder's tenants who Vic would eventually grow to have a paternal bond to, but currently stood as his rival. Vic helped Cliff capture an albino donkey that was connected to the town's destruction, which Cliff explained as having the entire town and everyone in it save for himself, two of his friends, and the donkey, having been sucked into a vortex in the ground. After the donkey expelled Jane, another of Caulder's tenants with sixty-four uniquely superpowered personalities, through its mouth, the three made their way back to the manor with the donkey to investigate it further.

An unusual doorway

Vic interrogated some of Jane's personas, attempting to find out which one saw what happened in the vortex, but none felt ready to talk. He decided to investigate the donkey head on with Niles' other tenants, a radioactive and depressed pilot named Larry Trainor fused to an alien Negative Spirit, and a molecularly unstable and flamboyant former actress named Rita Farr. They discovered that the donkey acted a doorway to the White Space, the place where Cloverton, was taken, and were unwillingly sucked into the donkey and transported to the White Space. Once there, they were relentlessly tortured by Mister Nobody, Caulder's nigh-omnipotent captor, forcing them all to relive their darkest moments and traumas, and seeding Vic with some doubt and mistrust towards his father, all as a threat to make them stop searching for Caulder. They were finally forced out by the Negative Spirit, forcing the donkey to explode and restore the town to the way it was before. Vic believed that Nobody had tortured and threatened them because he was afraid of their power, and decided to stay at the manor and search for Niles, against his father's wishes that he return to Detroit.[3]


Vic decided to take control of the team as the leader, often making plans and acting as the straight man to the others' antics. Over the course of the mission, Vic began befriending the members, acting as a teacher for Rita in becoming a hero, becoming close friends with Jane, and seeing Cliff as a better father figure than his actual father. Vic and the team continued to search for clues, but they led nowhere until they encountered Willoughby Kipling, a sorcerer and friend of Niles, and helped him stop the Decreator summoned by the Cult of the Unwritten Book. He began to trust his father more, as he feared that he would do something wrong to him.[4][5][6][7]

After group therapy went awry, Vic and Larry met Danny, a non-binary street sentient and friend of Niles. He and Larry helped Danny beat Darren Jones and the Bureau of Normalcy. While Cliff was on Jane's mind, Vic and Rita encountered the Beard Hunter, a metahuman who gained knowledge from people by eating their facial hair. Vic lost control of his technology to the Beard Hunter, but managed to contain the blast.[8][9][10]

Parental distrust

By unplugging his technology, Vic helped Jane search for Dolores Mentallo. While Jane was facing an abusive man, Vic was kidnapped by the Bureau of Normalcy. While in captivity, Vic recovered his technology and tried to avoid Grid's voice due to giving him headaches by showing him images of his accident. Vic was reunited with Silas, but discovered that he betrayed his friends to get to him. While Silas was trying to give him a chip with Grid inside to be able to escape with the others, Vic saw a video in which Silas was the provocateur of his creation, which caused Vic to attack his father. Vic realized that it was all a hoax on Nobody's part.[11][12]

The truth comes to light

Vic, Silas, and Rita were sent to a hospital thanks to Flit. Determined, Vic left the team as he was capable of killing them all. After learning that Niles convinced Silas to save him and not Elinore, Vic got upset with Niles and went looking for his friends. In the White Space, Vic met with the others and was present when Nobody forced Niles to tell the truth, which was that he was the one who caused his accidents, causing the entire team to rage with him. Nobody froze time and sent everyone back to the manor to go their separate ways.[13][14][15]

Relationship with Roni

The team to the rescue

Eventually, the team was lured back to Doom Manor by Mister Nobody for a second revenge scheme, having kidnapped Danny and the Chief's daughter, Dorothy Spinner, a naive but powerful girl able to bring her imaginary friends to life, including a dangerous, potentially world-ending one called the Candlemaker. Dorothy had been the reason for Caulder's immortality experiments, wanting to outlive her to protect the world from the Candlemaker. For the sake of the girl, the team went to rescue her and Danny. Vic and the team managed to save Dorothy and Danny from a giant cockroach and a giant rat, but in saving Dorothy, the team, except for Larry, turned them into miniature. The team spent several months in miniature waiting for Larry to find a way to grow them. Eventually, they were restored the normal size by Willoughby Kipling, in exchange for Caulder's longevity talisman, leading him to finally begin to die. Determined, Vic left the manor to return to Detroit.[15][16]

Love in the air

Vic began attending therapy sessions, where he met a girl named Roni Evers, a military veteran, who suffered a terrible accident. Vic and Roni started a relationship, but it didn't date as well, as Roni dumped him. He decided to return to the mansion to think about Roni and with the advice of Maura Lee Karupt and Cliff, Vic met with Roni and apologized to her and they both managed to reconcile by resuming their relationship.[17][18][19][20]

Internal idiots

After spending a night with Roni, Vic helped her with her pains and discovered that she had cybernetic enhancements implanted by S.T.A.R. Labs and Caulder Robotics. Vic calls Silas, who is more excited for him to have a girlfriend than to help him discover technology. Vic decided to take Roni to the manor to find out the truth, but Niles was not there. Upon opening a mystery box that released a pink gas, Vic, Larry, and Roni began to have bad ideas that would lead to their death, but with the help of Miranda and Kipling, they defeated the cause of the gas, the Scants.[21][22]

Mourning a monster

Vic investigated a murder with Rita and discovered that Roni used the Scants' Uma Jelly to blow up a senator, so Vic tried to stop her, but the two had a fight, which led to the end of their relationship. Vic was comforted by Rita and the duo joined the rest of the team to save Niles and Dorothy to prevent the Candlemaker from turning the world to wax. After a long battle, Dorothy finally rested control of the deity, but during their fight, Caulder succumbed to the ailments of his age, and his death was both celebrated and mourned by his test subjects. A week after the Chief's death, Vic repaired Cliff and finally found Roni to try to give her a second chance, but she kept stealing Quorum, so Vic called the authorities to arrest her.[23][24][25]

Going Offline


Vic lost his technology thanks to Silas due to helping Roni escape and S.T.A.R. Labs was looking for him, so Silas deactivated his technology to avoid being located, which made Vic angry. To forget their problems, Vic, Jane, Rita, and Cliff went on vacation to Codsville. The group met Garguax, an enemy of Niles. Vic wanted the team to help face him, but everything led to an argument causing their friendship to break until they managed to reconcile by dancing. The entire team was assassinated by Garguax's assistant, Samuelson, which led them to the afterlife where they had to face their personal purgatories. Vic managed to talk to his mother and with the help of Larry and the Dead Boy Detectives, the team was brought back to life. The team met a strange time traveler who was coming looking for Niles. Vic and the team turned into Zombies and helped Kipling face Darren Jones and an army of were-butts to retrieve Niles' head, who sacrificed himself to bring them back to normal.[26][27][28]

"Why are you, Cyborg?"

Upon regaining his technology, Vic thanked Silas, but still kept thinking about the synthetic fur. Vic, Cliff, Jane, and Larry accepted the mission to stop the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of supervillains that escaped from the Ant Farm. The team parted ways and Vic ran into Lloyd Jefferson, a member of the Sisterhood with bicycle wheels on his back. Vic spoke to Lloyd, who asked him a question Why are you? Vic kept avoiding the question until Lloyd found out that Vic was coming from Laura De Mille and the team faced the Sisterhood, but they were defeated by being taken from Shelley Byron's mind. Vic started a trip to Orsus Labs and saw the rocks that his mother used to put on a tree. Remembering Elinore's words of motivation, Vic managed to make it to Orsus Labs to finally put on her synthetic skin.[1][29]

A tough decision

Vic was cared for by an old friend of Elinore's, Dr. Chalmers. Vic learned that if he agreed to put on the synthetic skin, he would lose all of his abilities as Cyborg, so he contacted Roni to ask for her opinion. Vic didn't know what to do and believed he could be a hero without his technology. Losing signal with Roni, he finally decided to lose his powers to appear normal.[30]

A trip into his subconscious

The team encountered the Sisterhood, who had Rita on their side. Vic and the others witnessed the Eternal Flagellation. Vic was turned into a toy, but was saved by Cliff and Larry. He came across his childhood toy, General Tony, this was part of the Sisterhood Flagellation. Vic learned that he lost his childhood by being a good soldier and trying to impress his father. When it was all over, Vic's surgery was over and he finally had his synthetic skin looking human again and saw that Silas was there to support him.[30][31]

New and Improved

Vic argued with Silas about not putting the synthetic skin on him in the first place. The team learned about the Brotherhood of Evil and the truth from Laura, but everyone except Rita, was unable to fight at the moment. The team tried to stop Laura, better known as Madame Rouge, but she kidnapped Cliff, which motivated the team to face the villains. During the bus ride, Vic and Jane found out about Rita's time travel and they all started arguing among themselves until the bus accidentally exploded leaving the team defeated.[32]

A true team of heroes

Upon exiting the bus, Vic, Larry, and Jane were sent by Shelley Byron back to his mind. Vic tried to help Larry accept Keeg, a negative spirit that needed to merge with him to live. To help Larry, Vic kept Keeg temporarily until they reached the manor, where Larry and Keeg merged. Vic and Jane received another visit from Laura, who was ready to reform. After Cliff lost control of his new body, Vic and the team tried to stop him to save the city. Thanks to Rita's speech, Vic and the team, including Laura, agreed to become a true team of superheroes. As their first mission, the team went to the Suez Canal to save people from a testicle monster.[2]





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