Victor Stone was the young, cybernetically enhanced superhero Cyborg.

He assisted in the taking down of the rampaging robot known as Metallo in 2008 along with Jay West (Flash), Clark Wayne (Knight-Wing), Black-Hawk, and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern). During his one-on-one confrontation with Metallo, Cyborg was immobilized when Metallo activated an electromagnetic pulse that created a big hole in Metropolis and knocked out power through the entire city. Jay disengaged Cyborg's non-working limbs from his body and carried him to safety before Hal showed up to sever Metallo's limbs from his body, completely stopping him. Later on, Cyborg attended the wedding of Clark Wayne and his wife Amanda Mason before an appointed judge.


  • This particular version of the character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.



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