Quote1.png I know you're still in there. I know you can still hear me. The Protocol is trying to shut me down, but I'm still alive because you want to listen to me. The best part of you is your humanity. We can stop it before it rewrites you entirely. You just have to want it. It will do what you want, Bruce. You can let go of Alfred and be yourself again. You don't have to let yourself become some kind of horrible murder machine! Quote2.png
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Cyborg was a friend of Batman and a member of the Justice League.

After his butler Alfred died, Batman asked Cyborg for his help in building a new AI version of Alfred called the Alfred Protocol. Cyborg hesitantly accepted and, not long after, the AI gained sentience and began killing criminals. The Alfred Protocol then merged with Batman himself, and the new "Murder Machine" went on a killing spree of his former allies in the Justice League. Cyborg was the last man standing and, when he made one last attempt to talk Batman down and break free of the Alfred AI's control, Batman ripped his head off from his body.





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