Victor "Vic" Stone, also known as Cyborg, is a hero given superhuman abilities by experimental cybernetics.

Victor Stone was born in the household a genius scientists and took to sports when he grew up, eventually becoming a premier American football quarterback. His father however didn't like his son's choice, despite how hard Victor tried to earn his approval. An accident horribly injured Vic one day and his father installed prototype cybernetics on his body to save his life. This enabled Vic to live and gave him superhuman abilities, but he couldn't resume his normal life again. He became the superhero cyborg and gained the notice of the Justice League, who eventually invited him to join. This gave him a place where he could be comfortable and he eventually started training younger superheroes.[1]

Searching for Batman

When his fellow League member Batman disappeared, Vic was contacted by Alfred Pennyworth to find him. Vic then called the Flash and Zatanna to "Leachman's Rarities" in Gotham City, in order to investigate. After they were unable to find any trace of him, Cyborg tried examining the energy signature in the area, so he could attempt to replicate it. This opened a portal between universes called the Bleed and Zatanna attempted to find Batman through it, but it only brought a vampiric version of him out. As Cyborg and Zatanna struggled against the vampire, Flash attacked him but was soon smashed away. This however allowed Zatanna and Cyborg to beat him back into the portal. Cyborg attempted to close it before he could return, but the portal destabilized and transported everyone to an unfamiliar universe.[2]

As the Metropolis of the Earth-44 they had arrived to came under attack, the League members searched for more information and found they were in a variation of their own Metropolis. Flash suggested going back to Earth-0, but Cyborg reprimanded him, believing he wanted to flee. Flash explained he only wished to bring all the League members to the world they were currently in and Vic apologized, before stating it would take time as the portal he had created earlier destabilized. The team members soon felt the ground shaking and decided to have a look, though Flash went alone much to the chagrin of others.[3]

When a giant monster who looked like Doomsday tried crushing him, Zatanna and Vic came to his rescue, but were soon knocked away by the beast's thunderclap. The Superman of that world soon arrived to save them and asked what instructions the Monitor, who had promised him allies, had left them. When they failed to answer, he declared that they then must be a threat.[3] Zatanna froze him in place as he tried taking them down, but was told to not un-freeze him by Cyborg, who found the Superman of Earth-44 was a robot, who'll only believe them with enough data. The Doomsday beast soon struck at them and Flash rushed away with Zatanna, while Cyborg teleported away. The Mecha Superman however was destroyed and the others decided to avenge his death. As the League struggled, the Justice Consortium arrived to fight the monster.[4]

Zatanna found using her magic that they were facing Doomsday from the magical universe of Earth-13. Superman, who had reconstructed himself, arrived and assured he trusted them. He refused to concede when Zatanna stated Doomsday was unstoppable and encouraged the others to fight on.[4] When the Justice Consortium was destroyed, the others struggled to come up with a plan, before Zatanna decided to attack on her own and told the others to watch her back. Cyborg blasted Doomsday with full power of his weapons, but his ammunition soon ran out. Mecha Superman rescued him however, before showing Flash and Zatanna the device they had found on Doomsday's back, believing it was one of the artifacts the Monitor warned him of earlier and might send him back if it was destroyed. Zatanna disagreed with loosening Doomsday on another world, but Flash stated it was wiser to fight him on Earth-13, since she would be more powerful there.[5]

Cyborg mounted another attack to distract Doomsday, teleporting away before the beast could distract him. The others soon joined in, knowing he couldn't keep it up for long, with Zatanna creating a number of duplicates of Vic. Mecha Superman utilized the distraction provided by the Justice League and destroyed the device on Doomsday's back, sending him to Earth-13. After being assured by Superman that he can navigate them through the Bleed, Cyborg opened up a portal to take them to Doomsday's world.[6] They arrived on Earth-13 with the beast to find that world's Supergirl, Zatanna and Lord Zod fighting mysterious drones. Doomsday was sealed away again by the same magic that had imprisoned him, creating a shockwave that disoriented the drones. The League, Mecha Superman and heroes of Earth-13 together defeated the drones, forcing their mysterious leader to order them to withdraw.[7]

Fight for Nil

Batman later arrived on Earth-13 with his new allies: Catwoman of Earth-19, Green Lantern of Earth-13, Wonder Woman of Earth-17 and Robin of Earth-43. Vic and the other League members were surprised to find him. Batman stated they had a war to fight and needed to do it fast.[7] As the two teams discussed their plan, Cyborg was surprised to find that many of the heroes distrusted technology. He had Mecha Superman pinpoint the location of the attackers who assaulted the heroes of Earth-13 to earn their trust and the teams determined to join forces against their enemy and the crisis threatening the Multiverse. They were however soon interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man, who was the Lex Luthor of Earth-19.[8]

Lex tried to make the heroes believe they could trust him, though none of them did, and asked Catwoman to vouch for him. Catwoman however stated that he was in actual a ruthless power-hungry industrialist. Lantern and Zod requested Batman to trust him, since he was an expert of technology. Batman agreed but asked the others to keep an eye on Lex. Hal then took them to the Vault of the Diurnal Sphere where they could plan. Upon seeing that all the Titans of Earth-13 had been released in other universes, Lex helped the heroes realize that their enemy was going to assault Nil, the Monitor's homeworld, and they rushed to get there in time.[9]

Lord Zod, Cyborg, Batman and Robin soon arrived on Nil to battle mysterious foes, who Cyborg found were Metallos of Earth-43. After finding his team outmatched, Batman told Vic to call in another team of heroes consisting of Mecha Superman, Zatannas of Earth-0 and Earth-13, as well as Green Lantern, to their location. He also had him send a third team consisting of Wonder Woman, Flash, Supergirl, Lex and Catwoman away from the battle to conduct reconnaissance.[10] Superman soon started smashing up the Metallos after learning their name, believing they were only supposed to be an imaginary creation made up by his designer Clark Kent. This forced the enemy to withdraw. After Batman calmed Superman, Cyborg told the others that Flash's team had found the Monitor's corpse.[11]

When Flash's team started being overwhelmed by Metallos led by Brainiac of Earth-43 outside Axis Tower, Batman's team soon came to their rescue. Struggling to beat their enemy, Batman decided to use Nil's defenses and told Lex to come with him, while leaving the others to fend off the Metallos.[12] The two discovered that the Monitor was still alive and had Zatanna of Earth-0 successfully insulate the Eternal Key, in order to prevent Nil's defense systems from being hacked. This allowed the Monitor to activate them, resulting in Brainiac's death and his forces being defeated. The Monitor then sent the heroes back to their universes, in order to recruit new allies and keep an eye out for any threats.[13]

The Earth Engine

After the discovery of Earth Engines across the Multiverse, the Monitor tried to disable the one the heroes led by Batman found on Earth-19, but ended up triggering its anti-tampering mechanism. This drove him into a mad rage.[14] As the heroes struggled to contain him, Batman told Catwoman to call every hero they knew.[15] Vic soon arrived with his fellow League members and heroes of Earth-13 to Earth-19's Metropolis. After the magic users temporarily calmed the Monitor down, Barry started feeling the maddening effect of the Earth Engine. Batman then had Green Lantern protect everyone with his energy.[16]

After Superman of Earth-0 and Mecha Superman threw the Earth Engine into the Bleed, Catwoman realized that Luthor was missing. Batman told the heroes to split up and look for him, with Catwoman discovering he was being mind-controlled by Vandal Savage of her world. Hawkgirl of Earth-19 helped Batman, Catwoman and Robin in defeating him by destroying his suggestion device. The freed Lex disabled the Earth Engines across the multiverse. The Monitor soon arrived to take Savage away and sent the heroes back to their worlds.[17]

Infinite Crisis

As the most powerful wave of Infinite Crisis struck, realities were torn asunder and cast adrift into the Bleed. This resulted in Gotham of Earth-19 and Gotham of Earth-0, which were adrift in the Bleed, to be merged together. Cyborg joined the other champions to fight back against the new threat endangering the multiverse.[1]




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