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Cyborg is a member of the Justice League.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five

While the rest of the Justice League members are enjoying Alfred's birthday party, Cyborg is at the Justice League Watchtower on guard duty. He contacts Batman when he receives an alert that several of their enemies are attacking the city.

As the Justice League battles on the ground, Cyborg is assisted by Nightwing and Raven as they defend the Watchtower from Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Bane and Solomon Grundy.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Cyborg, along with Nightwing and Raven defend the Justice League Watchtower from Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Bane and Solomon Grundy in the beginning. Victor identifies the nuclear threat in Metropolis and assists in sending out an alert to all other Justice League members.

After several of his allies vanish, he works alongside The Flash and Superman to try and locate them. Barry brings up the idea to use his Cosmic Treadmill to vibrate at the new frequency and pull them back home. When they try it however, another portal is opened up and Cyborg is sent through it. Unaware of the functional differences of this new world, he fights Deathstroke and Lex Luthor of the Insurgency before his friends can arrive and explain things to him.

When the Insurgent Batman explains that they need to get access to the Watchtower in order to save the alternate Batman, Cyborg proposes that he masquerade as his Regime counterpart and gain access to the teleporter. However, Catwoman uncovers his ruse and tries to stop him. He defeats her, but is stopped when Regime Cyborg appears and starts to take control of the alternate Cyborg's neural network. The alternate Cyborg then tries to hack the Regime Cyborg's own network, but both connections are cancelled out. The alternate Cyborg states that they should settle this "For real. Like men." The two Cyborgs duke it out, and the alternate Cyborg emerges victorious.

On the Watchtower, Cyborg takes control of the teleportation system easily after his Regime counterpart exposed his security protocols. Slade leaves Cyborg and destabilizes the reactor onboard the Watchtower, shortening the time Batman and Green Arrow have to rescue the alternate Batman to 90 minutes. They make good time, and rescue Bruce before the Watchtower implodes.

Cyborg is important in repelling various members of the Regime when they invade the Batcave and Metropolis. After the battle and Superman's downfall at the hands of his counterpart, Cyborg places the chestpiece of Lex Luthor's armor on a memorial to him.[1]

Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

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After Superman's defeat, Cyborg led the assault on the Fortress of Solitude to flush out remnants of the High Councilor's regime. The Fortress was well defended, the battle intense. Cyborg was forced to use unfamiliar Kryptonian tools to make repairs to his damaged cybernetics. Enhanced with the alien technology, Cyborg found he could communicate with Superman's androids and order them to apprehend the opposition. With his army of super androids, Cyborg will bring justice to the world.




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