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Victor Stone is the Cyborg, a cybernetically enhanced superhero who operated with Clark Kent and the Watchtower Network.

Early Life

Victor Stone was a student and football player at Metropolis High School. With the rest of his family, Victor was in a car accident, that killed the others. However, Victor survived. His body was taken to SynTechnics, where scientists saved his life by turning him into a cyborg. Dr. Hong, one of the scientists, felt guilty about what they were doing to Victor and let him go.[2]

Season Five

While Victor was on the run, a car driven by Lana Lang hit him. He was fine, but he took the injured Lana to a hospital and tried to escape. Outside, he was confronted by Lana's boyfriend, Clark Kent, who discovered Victor's cybernetic state and offered him shelter. Not long after, men working for SynTechnics found him and damaged his cybernetics. This combined with them threatening his former girlfriend, Katherine, prompted Victor to return to SynTechnics. They repaired and upgraded him, but where also planning to operate on his brain. Victor was rescued by Clark, who made sure that Victor would be left alone. Afterwards, Victor was reunited with Katherine.[2]

Season Six

They tried to make it work, but the hardware in him ended the relationship. Victor ended up living on the streets, until he was found by Oliver Queen. Oliver gave him a roof over his head and a reason to keep living. Not long after, Oliver recruited him for a team, that he was assembling. Now going by the codename "Cyborg", Victor helped taking down a project run by Lex Luthor, that performed experiments on metahumans.[3] After that, Victor continued operating as Cyborg,[4] living and fighting crime in an unidentified city somewhere in the United States.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • Apart from a flashback in Smallville Season 11 #10, Victor doesn't appear in the season 11 comic. Presumably, his absence was brought on by the death of Lee Thompson Young.



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