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Cyborg is a founding member of the Teen Titans. As his name suggests, he is a cyborg, with much of his body replaced by robotics.


Victor Stone was the son of the scientists Silas and Elinore Stone. One was a biomechanics and advanced robotics expert and the other was a nanotechnology and cybernetics expert. He himself was a promising athlete in high school - a track star with an insatiable love for speed. This fed into his love for cars, which, of course, lead him always driving fast. While being reckless one day, Victor was in a horrible car accident that left him in a critical condition.

Victor was rushed to the hospital and probably would have died if his scientist parents hadn't stepped in. Creating artificial limbs and organs, including a mechanical heart, Victor's parents saved their boy's life by turning him into a highly advanced cyborg.

When Victor awoke, he was horrified at what he had become. He tried to return to his normal life, but things weren't the same now that he was mostly mechanical. Frustrated, Victor ran away from home and from his parents, ending up in Jump City. There, he realized his mistake and how ungrateful he had been.

While in hiding, Victor decided to become a superhero and joined the other young heroes Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy to become the Teen Titans. Accepting his new condition, Victor took the codename Cyborg. [1] [2]

Cyborg designed a headquarters for the Titans on a remote island in Jump City's harbor in the shape of a giant capitol T, which would become Titans Tower.

Teen Titans

In one of his first missions with the Teen Titans, the heroes were attacked by Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth, three graduates of H.I.V.E. Academy under orders from the mysterious malefactor Slade. Cyborg was defeated in battle twice by Gizmo, who temporarily stole Cyborg's right arm and commandeered Titans Tower. The Titans regrouped and defeated the H.I.V.E. graduates, solidifying their strength as a team. [3]

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  • Cybernetic Exoskeleton: Cyborg's abilities/offensive attacks include two Sonic Cannons (one in each arm), a smaller sonic blaster located in his left foot, two sets of missile launchers (one in each shoulder), super-strength, high-end sensor and communication technology, and can also produce several different tools (a saw, a welding torch, a buffer, etc.) from his arms. At one point, he installed a super-processor chip called the Maximum-7 to further increase his abilities, but an overload forced Robin to remove it.[4]


  • Athletics: Cyborg was a track star in high school. [8]
  • Driving: Cyborg raced cars before his accident that turned him into Cyborg. [9]
  • Espionage: Cyborg went undercover at H.I.V.E. Academy as the supervillain "Stone".
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)
  • Indomitable Will: Cyborg was able to overcome the physical limitations of his machine body through sheer will power. He has been shown as being completely resistant to mind control, even when all other Titans had fallen to under the same power. He first chalked this up to only part of his brain being organic, the mechanical part preventing invasion. However, it turned out that it was in not the machine but the man that resisted even the strongest attempts at controlling him.
  • Mechanical Engineering: By necessity, Cyborg is an expert in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition to maintaining his own cybernetic systems, Cyborg also invented his own car, which he dubbed the "T-Car".

Other Characteristics

  • Cybernetic Limitation
  • Hackable: Since he is mostly comprised of mechanical parts, Cyborg can be hacked if someone is adept enough with computers. Cyborg usually remains conscious after the hacking but cannot move his body.[10]
  • Missing Eye


  • Cyborg is in a relationship with Sarah Simms. They broke up before because Cyborg was constantly on the move but when Cyborg helped chaperone a camping trip with her, she forgave him and got back together.[1]



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