Quote1 This one was a homeless guy, trapped in a hopeless life. This was a woman who just couldn't stop cheating on her husband. This guy wanted to kill himself, but didn't have the courage. All lost souls that I freed from their earthly woes... Quote2
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Victor Zsasz was a serial killer who murdered people that he deemed unworthy of life, carving a tally in his skin for each kill. He was confined to Arkham Asylum for his mental illness.



  • Mental Illness: Zsasz carves a tally mark into his own skin for each kill. When John Doe scratched his face with a knife, Zsasz went on a psychotic outburst to match a kill with his new found "tally mark". He's also paranoid and believes the government is always mind-controlling people into doing their bidding, including himself.

  • Depending on the player's choice, Zsasz either kills Bruce Wayne in a fight during a psychotic outburst or he will kill a guard instead and Bruce uses this sudden event as an opportunity to use the telephone and call for either James Gordon to tell he is willing to testify against Lady Arkham or his lawyers to get him out of Arkham Asylum.



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