Victor Zsasz is an unhinged serial killer who commemorates each of his kills with self-inflicted scars. He was also one of the possible suspects for Joker's true identity.

Little is known about Victor Zsasz's upbringing, athough he is theorized to suffer from a trauma provoked by his parental figures. Prior to his days as a serial killer, he had a history of intentional self-injurious behaviour, causing him to be passed around from one care facility to the other.[1] Since he could use this condition to get closer to his victims, Victor is not allowed to leave Arkham Asylum under any circumstance.[2]



  • Mental Illness: Victor is extremely unstable and impulsive, with unpredictable bursts of rage. He exhibits virulent obsessive nature and is prone to neurotic or psychogenic picking of skin of his arms, shoulders and chest. He also displays obsessive-compulsive hygiene rituals and trichotillomania, causing his to eliminate all trace of personal body hair.[1]

  • Victor Zsasz was born in June, 1992.[1]



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