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Quote1 In my opinion, Mr. Zsasz is as much a danger to himself as to others and prison is probably not the best environment for his rehabilitation. Quote2
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Victor Zsasz was a psychopathic killer incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.

It is implied that he has been used for experimentation by Dr. Crane. He is seen in Arkham Asylum being released from his cell near the end of the film. Later, he appears in the narrows, brandishing a knife at Rachel Dawes while under the influence of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. He is attacked by Batman before he can harm Rachel.



  • While the film portrays Zsasz as a rather typical killer with no displayed personality, the game tie-in to the film expands upon his character in an added level. In it, he acts quite similar to his comic counterpart, threatening Detective Flass and referring to his victims as "piggies".



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