{{DC Database:Character Template | Image = Victor Zsasz (Prime Earth) 0001.jpg | RealName = Victor Zsasz | CurrentAlias = Mister Zsasz | Aliases = Detective Zsasz | Identity = Public | Alignment = Bad | Affiliation = Gotham City Police Department; formerly Secret Society of Super-Villains,[[Killer Moth's Organization (Prime Earth)|Killer Moth's Organization) | Relatives = Unnamed parents (deceased) | Universe = Prime Earth | BaseOfOperations = Gotham City

| Gender = Male | Height = 5'8" | Weight = 150 lbs. | Eyes = Brown | Hair = Bald | UnusualFeatures = Scars in the form of tally marks covering his body

| Citizenship = American | MaritalStatus = Single | Occupation = Police Detective, Serial Killer

| PlaceOfBirth = | Creators = Alan Grant; Norm Breyfogle | First = Batman Vol 2 1

| Quotation = Everything becomes clear now. When I'm counting. When I'm cutting. This is when everything comes into focus. | Speaker = Mister Zsasz | QuoteSource = Detective Comics Vol 2 18

| HistoryText = Victor Zsasz is a Gotham City serial killer who makes a tally mark on his body with a knife for every person he kills, making him an extremely dangerous sociopath.

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