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Flint was an operative of Stormwatch and one of its successors, Team Achilles.


Flint is Kenyan, and has survived much of the worst in Kenya's recent history. Her father and brother were killed in border skirmishes with Tanzania in the mid '70s, and her mother was murdered two years later. She thus was brought up as a ward of the State. Her remarkable strength was noticed early, and she was thought as a potential Olympic competitor for Kenya; a few years after, her Seedling powers began to emerge, and she was noticed by the UN.

When the superhuman members of the Stormwatch agency were decimated during the Despot crisis, the UN found itself facing a severe shortage in metahuman manpower and hired or recruited various superhumans from all over the world. She eventually made it to full StormWatch operative status when the superhuman assets were reorganized; Flint was assigned to StormWatch Red. At this point, Bendix's madness was taking its toll. This affected Flint personally, as she was sent in by part of a small team to attack Kaizen Gamorra's island nation in response to a terrorist bomb that killed 223 innocent aircraft passengers and crew. Though Flint and teammate Fahrenheit's role was to destroy abandoned property, they had to watch as ally Rose Tattoo obeyed Bendix's orders to kill 223 Gammoran citizens. Any citizens, man, woman or child. The organization eventually went into a crisis when the madness of Bendix became obvious. Jenny Sparks from StormWatch Black had to kill him and assume command. Or so it is thought, Bendix actually survives Sparks' attack.

A new StormWatch rose from the ashes of Bendix's organization - headed by Jackson King, who succeeded Bendix as StormWatch's Weatherman. Flint became a core member of the team. Despite the considerable talents on roster, this version of StormWatch lasted for but a few months, though they accomplished many things during this time, mostly thwarting superhuman-creation schemes. Much of what they confronted was engineered behind the scenes by Bendix. Soon they intercepted a massive asteroid getting close to Earth, StormWatch's super-satellite was breached and invaded by hundreds of Aliens. The situation quickly became catastrophic, and most of the crew died. An intervention by the WildCATs allowed the surviving StormWatch personnel to reach the bridge and evacuate, while Winter remained behind to pilot the compromised station into the Sun, incinerating the Aliens. As for Flint herself, she fell during the early hours of the battle, defending the escape pods so the crew could evacuate. She burst open an Alien with a punch, and to her surprise the acid blood of the creature proved capable of wounding her. She fell back into an escape pod, which then launched as she was struggling to stop the acid from burning her. She was safe, but considerably dismayed by her involuntary retreat from the battlefield. The damage was enough to leave her with large, permanent scars on the face and shoulder.

At that point, StormWatch was shut down. StormWatch Black became The Authority; the only other superhuman operatives of StormWatch were Jackson King, Christine Trelane and Victoria N'Gengi. They were retained reserve status, but StormWatch was dead. After StormWatch fell, Flint was only seen once, at a party held by the Authority - and although she was happy to be reunited with Jenny Sparks and Swift, she seemed bitter about so many people not even remembering StormWatch.[1]

Team Achilles

One or two years later, as the threat from superhuman operatives failed to recede, the UN assembled a new superhuman crisis control team as the new StormWatch (Team Achilles) - though the budget was but a mere shadow of the old StormWatch. The new Weatherman was American veteran Benito Santini. Santini was extremely wary about superhumans, and his core team were elite soldiers from all over the world without superhuman powers.

Given the small size, lack of budget and extreme danger of the missions, Santini eventually added superhumans to his team to replace losses - but mostly as a part of the support team. Flint was the first obvious superhuman Santini recruited for his team in a front line capacity. He had chosen her due to her idealism - she was fighting to change the world and for the common good. Flint proved herself an professional, efficient and disciplined member of the team, and an invaluable assets.

In the wake of the Authority taking control of the USA, when the new StormWatch seceded from the UN and went rogue, Flint followed Santini. The team went underground and fled to Europe, where Flint married Santini.[2]

After a series of mostly successful missions, the new StormWatch found itself stranded on a parallel Earth where the entire population had been killed by a rogue superpowered being. Although they did have a plan for getting out, it involved walking from the US to Siberia.

For several years Flint and Team Achilles had spent searching for a functional Stormwatch teleporter that could return them home. Finding one and powering it up with the help of Baron Chaos, Achilles found themselves in Moynihan's Bar in Manhattan. Having seen the news of Stormwatch Prime on T.V., Flint, having become estranged from Santini during the team's exile, left her team and joyfully returned to Stormwatch.[3]

World's End

Upon her return, she had only arrived at the time of the beginning of Armageddon when The High's insane clones, the Reapers, engulfed and devastated Earth. As such, Flint had spent on several missions and adventures with Stormwatch on post-Armageddon Earth, rescuing and relieving survivors. She, Deathblow, and Christine Trelane later left Stormwatch and Earth on the Authority's Carrier. In which Flint became an official member of the Authority.[4] Following a week after departure, Flint became sexually enticed with Grifter of the Wildcats.[5]


  • Invulnerability: Flint's skin is rock-hard, and she seems to be pretty much invulnerable. Bullets affect her about as much as a stiff rain, and even a rocket can at most knock her back and damage her costume. Dropping her from a great height will result in a crater and an unfazed Flint. She does seem more vulnerable to energy weapons. Her skin can also be damaged by concentrated molecular acid though it will not be destroyed completely, and the scarring will repair itself given sufficient time.
  • Enhanced Strength: Although she doesn't display extreme super-strength, her blows have impressive power - presumably a combination of her strength, speed and rock-hard hands. She can behead a normal man in a single punch and has been known to kill bulletproof superhumans with a good rush-by punch to the jaw. She is able to create a brutal, shock wave by slamming her hands together - the resultant blast of pressurized air was enough to break the back of a enhanced man.
  • Enhanced Speed: In recent years, Flint has displayed super-speed. She can do easy things faster than humanly possible and is superhumanly good at catching projectiles in mid-flight. She is also very proficient at grabbing large objects and throwing them with great fluidity, power, and accuracy.



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