Victoria Vale is a well-known television and radio reporter for Gotham City's news outlets. In her career, she has reported on the activities of both Batman and numerous super-criminals, as well as been drawn into the fight on more than one occasion.

In Arkham City, her news helicopter was brought down with a rocket from the Joker's goons, and snipers took position around the wreckage of the helicopter, which had made an emergency landing, taking potshots at the damaged vehicle and the people inside. Batman made the loop, catching the snipers unaware and rescuing the news team.

After a brief conversation with Batman, Vale made her way to the cathedral, which had become a safe zone against the gang wars and power plays outside. In the company of a team of security guards, doctors, and the downfallen mayor Quincy Sharp, Miss Vale waited while Batman dealt with the numerous threats and removed the major players from Arkham City, making it safe to extract everyone.



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