Vicki was the daughter of the Arkhams. Her parents were killed after they disagreed with Thomas Wayne and his cohorts' criminal activities through committing several innocent people to Arkham Asylum. Vicki was adopted by the Vales and was cruelly abused by her adoptive parents. This trauma combined by the loss of her biological parents caused her to adopt the persona of Lady Arkham and swearing vengeance on the people who ruined her life.

Twenty years later, Vicki became a well-respected reporter at the Gotham Gazette while at the same time she had created the Children of Arkham to destroy Gotham City's elite. Through her ally The Penguin, Vicki began a smear campaign against Bruce Wayne by revealing his father's criminal secrets and allowing Oswald Cobblepot to take control of Wayne Enterprises, and orchestrating the deaths of Thomas Wayne's associates Carmine Falcone and Mayor Hamilton Hill. She was also indirectly responsible for mentally scarring mayoral candidate Harvey Dent with a special drug of her own devise and driving him to antagonize Bruce Wayne and placing the city under a draconian rule. Vicki further tarnished Bruce Wayne's credibility by drugging him into attacking Oswald Cobblepot and causing him to be committed to Arkham Asylum but not before revealing her secret identity to Bruce.

Sometime after Bruce was released from Arkham, Vicki murdered her adoptive parents in order to use her foster father's delivery company to store more of her drugs into Arkham Asylum. By the time Penguin and Harvey Dent were arrested for endangering Gotham, Vicki kidnapped Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth and taking him to Arkham where she plans on releasing the inmates. The Batman tracked down Vicki and engaging her beneath the catacombs of the asylum. Their battle caused the catacombs to collapse in which Vicki is seemingly killed by fallen debris. Her body was never found, leaving Bruce to wonder if she's actually dead.



  • Mental Illness: Due to her being held captive and tortured in her childhood, her mental health went bad and these experiences made her desire for revenge from Thomas Wayne and anyone that involved with him like Bruce Wayne.
  • If Vicki demands Batman to unmask himself, she is shocked as she doesn't view Bruce Wayne as the selfless hero that Batman is, but then theorizes that Bruce is using Batman to prey on the weak like his father did and uses her staff to blow off a chunk of Bruce's right ear. If Batman doesn't unmask himself, Vicki takes out Alfred's left eye.



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