Quote1 So Metropolis gets a man of steel. And what do we get in dear old Gotham City? A damn flying rodent. Who doesn't even fly. A goddamn Bat Man. Quote2
Vicki Vale src
Vicki Vale is a gossip columnist working for the Gotham Gazette.[1] Originally she holds a negative opinion of Batman because he is a superhero without any powers.

Bruce Wayne asks her out on a date and she accompanies him to an evening at Haly's Circus. There they witness young Dick Grayson orphaned as his parents the Flying Graysons are murdered at the hands of a thug named Jocko-boy Vanzetti. Attempting to rescue the young boy from police officers who intend to beat him and hide their corruption, she is roughed up. Following their car in Bruce's and taking pictures as evidence of the criminal activity, she watches Batman crash through in his Batmobile and kidnap the child.[2] Alfred Pennyworth attends to her injuries while she's in shock after crashing the car, although she is beyond his control.[3] In the hospital in critical condition, Batman blackmails Superman into bringing Europe's greatest surgeon over in time to save her life.[4] Enlisting cub reporter Jimmy Olsen as her assistant, she sets out to further investigate the mystery of Batman.[5]




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