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The Envelope was turned into a villain for Enigma.

Victoria Yes was a British fashion model who worked with designer William Williams. She was one of several individuals transformed into the persona of an old comic book villain by the mysterious Enigma. The Enigma, who himself was patterned after the main character from the old Enigma comic book series, felt that in order to fully embrace his identity and establish a world with boundaries for himself, decided to create living incarnations of characters from the book. Victoria had no idea of her origins, but while working a show, found herself instantly transformed into Envelope Girl. Her body became a literal envelope and those who entered the envelope found themselves transported to any location that Victoria desired. Agitated by her designer, she enveloped him in the folds of her body and teleported him several miles outside the city.[1]

She then began selecting various targets, seemingly at random. She attacked an aging judge and teleported him to the hinterlands of a Louisiana swamp. The man, driven insane from the attack, found his way back to Pacific City, now with a deep sense of longing for Envelope Girl. This pattern was repeated several times over, as dozens of people began seeking her out, desperate to feel her touch.[2]

She later came upon a man named Michael Smith at the Pacific Folk Museum. Michael, who had developed an intimate bond with the Enigma, knew the truth of Victoria's origins. He tried to reason with her and get her to remember who she truly was, but Victoria refused to listen. Instead, she enveloped him in her body and teleported him to Arizona.[3]

The Enigma meanwhile, having created his own rogues gallery, decided that it was his destiny to defeat them in battle. Having already dispatched two of his former foes, the Head and the Truth, he now set his sights on Envelope Girl. He found Envelope Girl while she was seducing a throng of followers and broke her jaw. He then used his powers to tear through the folds of her body, eviscerating her. Unlike the others however, Victoria survived the experience. The trauma of her battle with the Enigma however, robbed her of her powers and she was taken to the hospital where she was placed in critical condition. The Enigma wanted to kill her, but Michael Smith convinced him to let her live. He felt that Victoria didn't deserve the same fate as the Head or the Truth as she was not an inherently violent person. He even pleaded with the Enigma to heal her injuries.[4]

Sadly, Victoria Yes' recovery was short-lived. The Enigma's mother, an insane creature named Ellen Collins tracked down her son, determined to destroy him. She tore through Victoria's body as she laid in the hospital bed, killing her.[5]


  • Teleportation: Envelope Girl could teleport people who entered the spacial aperture of her body to any destination that she chose. It is unknown whether Envelope Girl could teleport herself in similar fashion.
  • Seduction: Those who have known Envelope Girl's touch found themselves completely obsessed with her and followed her around wherever she went. This reaction is a result of direct interaction with Envelope Girl's spatial aperture. Michael Smith, whose mind and behavior had already been manipulated by the Enigma was immune to this aspect of her powers.



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