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The Victory V's were a team of British operatives in the early 80s.


The team was sent to the Falkland Islands in order to stop Doctor Daedalus. However, the entire team but The Knight were killed by Leviathan defenses and robots guarding Daedalus on this mission. The Knight was rescued by the British Marines and never spoke of their failure again.[1] Netz managed to take Mister Albion's hammer as a result and used it to power the machines he was building on the island.


  • Captain Carnation's uncommon style, advanced gun, and mention of "Alter-England" reveal a character with many similarities to Luther Arkwright, a trans-dimensional secret agent from British comics in the 80s.
  • The Iron Lady's name is a reference to the nickname of Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister during the 80s.
  • Regarding Fadar - yes, people used to actually dress like that. God help us all.

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