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Vidar who later became Universo was a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the 30th Century.

He had been a Green Lantern for only a short time when the Guardians of the Universe assigned him to Earth to stop the specific experiments that could reveal the origin of the universe. However, Vidar became tantalized by the possibilities that learning the origin of the universe itself would make him more powerful than the Guardians and sought to obtain it. Ultimately, the rogue Green Lantern's plot was foiled by the Legion of Super-Heroes, who then turned over Vidar to the Guardians, who they stripped of him of his power ring; in which it would later passed on to his righteous son Rond Vidar.[1][2]

Following his rejection from the Green Lantern Corps, Vidar turned to villainy and bedeviled the Legion of Super-Heroes as the hypnotist Universo. One of his schemes was his attempt to take over Earth by posing as its new president, Kandro Boltax, using his power of hypnotism. He was able to accomplish while the Legion was away from Earth on a mission before returning to find the Legion outlawed. The Legion were able to defeat Universo with help from his son, Rond Vidar, who was immune to his father's hypnotism.[3] Eventually, Universo made another yet successful attempt in mentally controlling Earth (including the new UP president Mojai Desai) and the Legion; except for Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, and Dream Girl. To ensure his plan proceed as planned, Universo ensured to kill Rond Vidar; however, his son survived the attack on his life. The four Legionnaires that were unaffected from Universo's mental control and were able to defeat the hypnotist.[4]

Legion of 3 Worlds

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Universo was among the many villains that joined Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains. He gave his assent and approval of Superboy-Prime to murder Rond Vidar, as he believed that the death of his son would allow him to regain his power ring. Unfortunately for Universo it did not and instead the ring returned to Oa, where it powered down since the Green Lantern Corps was long defunct.[5]


  • Hypnosis: Universo's has the power of hypnosis, allowing him to control people, in a manner that lasts long after he leaves them. He is able to shift loyalties, erase memories, and even have people under his control think independently to accomplish the goals he sets them to. He sometimes wears a necklace which seems to enhance the power of his hypnosis. Using his mental abilities he can also appear to be someone else, so that everyone viewing him sees and remembers him as a completely different person.


  • Universo is also known as Argus Oranx III, President Kandro Boltax, Vid-Gupta.



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