"City Lights, Prairie Justice Part I of IV": A night in 1942 in the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and three of his crew are driving and discussing business ventures when Bugsy orders the driver to stop the car. All the men get out of the car and Bugsy

Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #1 is an issue of the series Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1995.

Appearing in "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part I of IV"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bobby, Movie Director
  • Monty, Greg Sander's Agent
  • Stacey (Final appearance; dies)
  • Gary Cooper
  • Virginia Hill
  • Sammy
  • Unnamed Erotic Film Maker (Final appearance; dies)
  • Pedro Romhanyi (Final appearance; dies)
  • Many Unnamed Mexican Policemen (Some die)


  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Flamingo Casino
  • Los Angeles, California
    • Club Blanco (Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive)
    • Greg Saunder's Residence (Bonita Terrace and Sycamore Avenue)
    • Stacey's Residence (Franklin Avenue and Cherokee Avenue)
    • Sammy's Residence (Madison Avenue and Burns Avenue)
  • Hollywood, California
    • Unnamed Western Movie Studio
    • Ambassador Hotel (3400 Wilshire Boulevard)
      • Coconut Grove Lounge
    • Unnamed Erotic Movie Studio (Third and Benton)
  • Beverly Hills, California
    • Bugsy Siegel's Residence (810 North Linden Drive)
  • Tijuana, Mexico
    • Mi Casa Hotel
  • San Diego, California


  • Vigilante's Six Shooters


Synopsis for "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part I of IV"

A night in 1942 in the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and three of his crew are driving and discussing business ventures when Bugsy orders the driver to stop the car. All the men get out of the car and Bugsy realizes his dream: to create a casino/resort here in the middle of the desert.

November 1944 Club Blanco Los Angeles. Mickey Cohen and another of Bugsy's cohorts are drinking and discussing why Bugsy has decided at the last moment not to join them when Vigilante drives through the main window, firing his guns and demanding that Bugsy show himself.

Two weeks earlier, in Hollywood, Greg Saunders is shooting a western movie scene and flubs a line. The director calls for a break and Greg walks to his trailer with Monty, his agent. Greg admits to being uncomfortable trying to become an actor after so many years as a singer, but Monty assures him he'll be a success. Greg enters his trailer and is soon joined by sidekick Danny Leong a.k.a. Stuff. Danny tells Greg he is in love with a wannabee actress, Stacey, and brings her in to meet Greg. She reveals that Danny has told her that Greg can arrange a screen test for her much to Greg's dismay.

Later, in the Coconut Grove lounge, Gary Cooper shows Greg around town stopping at a restaurant where they spot Bugsy Siegel. Gary offers to introduce Greg to him but Greg refuses to associate with people like him.

Back home, Greg wonders into his dictaphone why he agreed to come to Los Angeles with its mob connections and corrupt police. He had promised himself he'd hang up the costume and give acting a chance but he feels the urge to try to clean up the town. A woman named Loretta, whom he met earlier this evening, asks to come over and Greg realizes he is in a town where good intentions can quickly become idle thoughts.

Later, Greg is filming another scene. Afterwards a frantic Danny comes running up explaining that Stacey has vanished, that Danny hasn't seen or heard from her for two days. When Greg suggests that she may be avoiding him, Danny reveals that they're engaged. Greg agrees to look for her providing Danny stay out of it as he's too emotionally distraught to be of help.

That night Vigilante searches Stacey's home and finds her address book and nude photos of Stacey. He goes to the home of Sammy, a man listed in Stacey's address book who specializes in nude photographs, and strong arms him into revealing that Stacey needed more money than nude photographs were paying. Sammy directed her to another man who could pay more if she was willing to go beyond posing.

Vigilante strong arms the erotic film director who admits he made several movies with Stacey. Last week she tells the director that she wants out as she's getting married. But he needed her for an immediate job in Tijuana and failure to send them might cost him his life. So he blackmailed Stacey into going or he'd tell her husband all about her erotic films. Before he can reveal who was running the Tijuana film project, the director is shot by two henchmen. Vigilante shoots them both but one reveals they work for Bugsy before he dies.

Back at Greg's Residence, Greg tries to calm Danny down after having told him what he'd learned so far. Danny cares only for Stacey's return but admits his hatred for Bugsy. Greg promises to keep searching for Stacey and leaves for Tijuana, Mexico. There he finds Pedro Romhanyi in a hotel. He admits Stacey is nearby and, as they leave, Vigilante is ambushed by at least a dozen Mexican police officers. Pedro states that he was warned of Vigilante's plans to come and has arranged a trap. Vigilante manages to drag Pedro to safety but Pedro has been fatally shot. He admits that the women weren't for a film but for slavery. Stacey tried to escape but was shot and killed by one of Pedro's men. Vigilante shoots his way to freedom.

Stopping at a pay phone in San Diego on his way back, he finds out from Monty, who is waiting in Greg's home, that Stuff is dead. Back in Los Angeles, Vigilante learns from one of Bugsy's henchmen, whom Vigilante has just beat up, that Stuff barged into Bugsy's office. Bugsy's men held him while Bugsy beat him to death with a crowbar. The henchmen told Vigilante that Bugsy was at Club Blanco...returning the narrative to the beginning.

Learning that Bugsy isn't present, Vigilante tells his henchment to tell Bugsy that he's after him.


  • Throughout the miniseries Greg's last name is listed as Saunders, not Sanders.
  • Locations throughout the miniseries are referenced by their street names and/or intersections. Where appropriate, these have been added in the "Locations" section above.


  • It's established that as of November 1944 Danny Leong is 17 making his likely year of birth 1927.

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