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Vince Colletta (b. October 15, 1923 – d.June 3, 1991) was an editor.

Professional History

Vince Colletta was a notorious comic book inker. He started working around the early 50's, mostly on romance and western comics for DC Comics and Marvel Comics's predecesor, Timely Comics. When Timely made the change to Marvel, Colletta was among the artist who started the "Marvel Age of Comics" along with artist Jack Kirby. During the 60's he inked to Kirby's pencils on The Fantastic Four and Thor comics. In the 70's when Jack Kirby moved from Marvel to DC, Colletta followed him and he became a long-time inker for the company.

Colletta was known for his fast inking methods, but according to his artists peers, he could only perform such feats by severely altering the penciler's artwork.

Colletta was named DC's art director in May 1976, resigning the post in May 1979. During this time, he discovered the future comic book star, Frank Miller.

Personal History

After his family moved from Italy to America, Colletta attended the New Jersey Academy of Fine Arts. Colletta served with the US armed forces in World War II and got married to Viola in the early 50's. Together, they had one son, Franklin.

Vince died from cancer on June 3, 1991, at the age of 67.

Work History

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