Vincent Harley was a veteran of the Vietnam War, a comic book creator and eventually a costumed vigilante known as Yellowjacket in the 1970s.

He was praised by concerned citizens for taking up the role of a street level vigilante crime-fighter in stark contrast to OSI super-agents.

One night in 1974, Harley was returning home but forgot to bring his keys to his house. He was then forced to come through the window to his room. But unknown to him, his son has sneaked into his room and was startled by Harley's appearance that he fatally shot him with the handgun he had found in his father's desk.

  • Vincent Harley/Yellowjacket is based on an early Charlton Comics hero who was not one of the characters that DC bought from Charlton in 1983. In 2015, however, the original Yellowjacket is in the public domain and available for use by anyone.
  • According to Harley/Yellowjacket's tombstone, he was born in 1936 and was at least 38-years-old when he died in 1974.[1]



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