Vincent Lord is a arrogant, but gifted techno-sorcerer and former member of Nightwing who goes by the codename Hex.

Lord is always accompanied by his computer familiar Nightshade, and a lover of Black Orchid. Lord was recruited by supposed Nightwing dissident Gravedigger into Night Force. He and the rest of the team had believed that they were a rogue faction, serving the greater good, but in reality were being used by Gravedigger to serve Nightwing's purposes.

After the Superman became the greatest power on Earth-9 for the next ten years, Lord went underground from the prying eyes of Superman through magic and had been trying to overthrow the being. He later approached Lori Lemaris, who had been imprisoned by Superman, and tried to convinced her to return to costumed heroics. Lemaris consented and Lord recommended her taking the identity of the deceased Manhunter. Lord then joined Sir William's Outsiders and worked together with the heroes of New Earth in stopping Superman from taking over his allies' respective universe.



  • Hex was originally to be name as Hellblazer and, according to John Ostrander, was described as "a most promising magic worker. About 25, he always has two or three spells at his fingertips."[1]



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