Vincenzo Baldi was an Italian-American child on the streets of New York, over a generation ago. He and his friends became the guardians of a dog known as Millions who had inherited a large amount of money from a lonely rich fool. Under the nickname "Kid Scarface", Baldi worked with his friends as they put the money into a printing press and became the Newsboy Army. They vowed that nothing would ever divide them. But the group's fortunes changed when they decided to investigate the Terrible Time Tailor of Slaughter Swamp. New futures were laid on the group, and they became homeless wizards, reclusive millionaires... and immortals.

Vincenzo's destiny was altered, and he found the Undry Cauldron of legend, which has the power to reanimate a dead man placed within it. Baldi used the cauldron to set himself up as the Undying Don, leader of the West Coast Mob. He had a low-level war with his enemies, the Silencio family of the East Coast Mob, but otherwise he was left to himself.

In the run-up to the Infinite Crisis, Baldi was embroiled in the reclamation efforts of the Sheeda after learning from the winged horse Vanguard. Overwhelmed by the Sheeda and their allies, Baldi chose to go down fighting before being cut down by the Cosmic Huntsman, and his Undry Cauldron stolen by the Sheeda. Soon after his death, his mansion was the site of a confrontation between Zatanna and the Cosmic Huntsman. During this, Baldi's spirit was guided to the afterlife by his childhood friend Ali-Ka Zoom, who ensured Baldi from going to Hell despite the bloody life the Time Tailor had crafted for him. Baldi's business interests was left to Millions as his sole executor. Subsequently Millions later became one of the main crime lords in the United States when Don Silencio died of a coronary.



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