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Quote1.png Take her, make her comfortable. She deserves thirty pieces of silver, though I suspect she has a different preference! Quote2.png
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Halo is a member of the Outsiders.


Violet Harper found herself imprisoned in a Markovian cell as Katana came to combat the Kobra Cult. Releasing her from the cell and bringing her into the stolen police van, Katana stops the vehicle so the two can sleep but in doing so, allows the Kobra troops to catch up.

Stepping outside to help combat the drug withdrawal, Violet stumbles across Lady Eve. She immediately gives Katana's location in exchange for narcotics and is taken to the Kobra base. Once there, they let her to begin self-narcotisise.[1] Eve presents her to Kobra to use for an experiment he is working on. With the help af a kidnapped scientist, Kobra forces a collective of energy beings known as Aurakles into Violet's body, imbuing her with superpowers. He also had Violet wear a mind control device to keep her and the Aurakles in line. However, the scientist double-crossed Kobra, and sabotaged the mind control device so Violet would remain in control. Not long after the process is completed, Katana and the Suicide Squad stormed Kobra's base. When they find Violet and Kobra, He tries to sic his creation on the Squad. However, the Aurakles break free of Violet's body, and they begin trying to kill everyone present, but shield Violet from harm. Katana threatens to kill Violet to get them to back off, and they escape.

Once she recovers, Violet uses her new powers, but Enchantress and Katana knock her out. When the Aurakles catch up, Enchantress tries to free the last Aurakle to get the others to calm down, but the bond is permanent, and not even her magic cannot separate them. The Aurakles retreat after Katana manages to destroy one of them. At the same time, Voilet recovers, but it is revealed that the Aurakle inside of her has taken over Violet's body. The Aurakles return, but the Aurakle, dubbed Halo, fights alongside them. The others try to separate their friend from Violet's body, so Katana has Enchantress kill them and knock Halo out again. As the Kobra, Katana, and the Squad separate while fleeing the collapsing base the collapsing base, Katana tries to carry Halo to safety, but passes out. As the base explodes, Halo, having recovered, flies herself and Katana out of the base. When Katana recovers and prepares to leave Markovia, she invites Halo to come with her as a sister. The two leave, and Katana explains the concept of hunger and food to a starving Halo.

Doomsday Clock

 Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1

After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Halo joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[2]


  • Light Auras: Halo can generate various colored auras around herself which have different effects. Each color corresponds to a different effect, certain colors can be mixed and multiple colors can be used at the same time.
    • Red Halo: Halo can produce destructive heat beams to melt or burn enemies.
    • Orange Halo: Halo can produce powerful concussive force beams to knock back enemies.
    • Yellow Halo: Halo can produce brilliant flashing lights to stun or blind enemies.
    • Green Halo: Halo can produce halting stasis beams to stop and manipulate enemies.
    • Blue Halo: Halo can produce distorting holographic effects to confuse or disturb enemies.
    • Indigo Halo: Halo can produce physical tractor beams that can pull or push enemies.
    • Violet Halo: Halo can produce empowering mental effects that can give her previous body's consciousness control of their shared body.
  • Flight: Halo's body is inhabited by an Aurakle, a powerful ancient being. As such Halo can soar boundlessly due to her composite nature.
  • Transformation: Halo can alternate between her costume and civilian clothes instantly. This transition is accompanied by an aura of primarily black color, with white blotches of light.
  • White Aura: Emit an intense ray of pure light


  • Drug Addiction (Formerly): Before being taken over by the Aurakle, Violet was a drug addict. Her imprisonment in Markovia was likely related to substance abuse.[3] Her addiction was great enough that she betrayed Katana, who had saved her life, in exchange for drugs.[3]



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