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Violet Paige is the vigilante known as Mother Panic, who seeks out revenge on the people who tortured her in her youth.

Early Life

While on a hunting trip as a child, Violet overheard her father talking to a friend of his named Fred Hemsley about the possibility of selling one of their family members to him to make ends meet. Convinced that her father was talking about her, Violet shot her father with a hunting rifle, killing him, and later claimed it was a hunting accident.[1]

Because her mother was diagnosed with a worsening mental disorder, Violet was left in the care of her older brother Victor, who resented his sister for killing their father. Therefore, he had Violet sent to an experimental boarding school in Gotham called Gather House.

While at Gather House, Violet, like all of the school's other students, was given a number and experimented on in grotesque ways. Cybernetics were implemented into Violet's muscles, giving her super-strength, and she was harshly trained to be an exceptional fighter. After years of mistreatment and training, Violet killed the head nun - Mother Patrick - and burned down the school, allowing most of the remaining students to burn to death inside. Now on her own as a young adult, Violet spent time gaining a reputation as a famous and notoriously rebellious socialite in Gotham.

Later regrouping with her mentally delusional mother and a former surgeon from Gather House named Doctor Varma, Violet fashioned herself a costume, calling herself "Mother Panic", in order to set her revenge plan against those that hurt her into action.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Violet possesses internal cybernetic augmentations that give her superhuman levels of strength.
    • Superhuman Strength: With the aid of her implants, Violet is capable of punching craters in concrete walls, ripping steel cables in half with her hands, and bending rifles in half.


Other Characteristics

  • Cybernetic Breakdown: Violet's cybernetics aren't impervious to breaking down. Occasionally, they'll malfunction, resulting in great pain and making any movement extremely difficult until a surgeon is able to repair them.
  • Mental Disorder: Violet occasionally experiences mild hallucinations.[2]


  • Glider: Her primary method of transportation is an advanced hoverbike-like glider that she uses to traverse the cityscape of Gotham.

  • Mother Panic is part of DC Comics's Young Animal imprint which launched in 2016.



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