Quote1 The Blackhawks ... Retreat into the canyon! I do not want to risk battle with them now! Quote2
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In the mid-1950s, the Viper attempted to conquer North-western Africa, and Europe, and was thwarted by the Blackhawks.

In 1955, the fanatical Viper marched his army of tanks and infantry through a canyon in the Atlas Mountains, intent on capturing Tangiers as a base of operations, from which to strike at Europe. They were ambushed by the Blackhawks, and withdrew. In a second battle, they were defeated, and their leader, the Viper, was arrested alive.



  • Viper's snake-head-motif combat tanks were armed with flame-throwers in place of cannons.
  • He also had some conventional tanks.

  • Unlike many Blackhawk villains, the Viper was arrested alive.



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