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Nano was a replacement member of the Fearsome Five and an enemy of the Titans.

Virgil Adams was a scientist who worked for S.T.A.R. Labs' Manhattan facility. He spearheaded the Project Nano program and worked for fifteen years developing technologically enhanced combat armor that was impervious to all forms of physical and mental attack. Under Adams' leadership, the project failed and he was removed from the program. In time, the rest of his staff succeeded in bringing Adams' designs to fruition. Adams felt that he deserved credit for his contributions, but failing to achieve that, he decided to break into S.T.A.R. Labs, steal the Nano suit and hold several scientists hostage. Project leader Doctor Caldwell placed an emergency call to the Titan known as Cyborg to help out. Cyborg answered the call, and Caldwell gave him an update on the situation. Facing Adams (who now called himself Nano), Cyborg attempted to override the suit's operating system. The Nanotech had built in safeguards against this type of attack, and Nano reversed the effect, and began shutting down Cyborg's cybernetic systems. Cyborg rebooted his own components and figured out the password that enabled him to hack into Nano's armor. From there, it was an easy enough task for Cyborg to shut the suit down and Nano was taken into custody.

Nano was incarcerated at Alcatraz island, but his time spent there was very brief. The Calculator hired Shimmer and Jinx to stage a massive break-out and they reunited with their old Fearsome Five teammate, Mammoth. They found Nano and decided to make him a new member of the team.[1]


  • Mechanical Engineering: Nano was an expert in the field of mechanical engineering, though not necessarily up to the standards expected of a S.T.A.R. Labs engineer.


  • Nano Armor: All of Nano's capabilities stemmed from his Nano armor. The armor itself had the ability to alter and contort it's physical shell, forming a variety of geometric shapes. According to Doctor Caldwell, the armor was also impervious against most forms of physical combat.

  • The password to Nano's operating system was "Josephine", named after his pet parakeet.



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