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Quote1.png This power is changing me. I need to choose what kind of change that's gonna be. Quote2.png
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Virgil Hawkins is Static, a young hero with electromagnetic powers.


  • Bang Baby Physiology: Static's physiology was altered by a mutant-genetic explosion which caused him to adapt unusual powers. Static's body itself can generate raw electrical energy, which he has learned to manipulate, control and enhance.[1]
    • Electrokinesis: Static is able to generate electrical energy from his body that he has learned to manipulate in a variety of ways. By focusing the lightning in his hands, Static is able to enhance his strikes.[1]
      • Electro-Blast: Static is able to focus his energy to project powerful bolts and arcs of lightning. He is able to generate blasts powerful enough to nearly kill a person.[1]
    • Electromagnetism: Due to his electrical abilities, Static is able to manipulate magnetism for a variety or purposes. He can use his electricity to magnetize and demagnetize metal objects at will.[1] Static was able to stop a round of bullets fired at him, due to his electrical aura magnetizing them, stopping them in their tracks.[2] He was also able to change the magnetic properties of the metal in a group of police officer's guns, launching them hundreds of feet into the air.[2]
      • Electromagnetic Fields: Static is able to use his energy to create electromagnetic fields. When battling Hotstreak, Static was able to generate a massive electromagnetic field that was able to smother Hotstreak's fire, by ionozing the oxygen surrounding it.[3]
      • Static Cling: Static can magnetize surfaces with his electricity, allowing him to adhere himself to surfaces and other objects.[2]



  • Static's Uniform