Born and raised in Dakota City, Virgil Hawkins was a bright student, though his mouth often got him into trouble. He was the subject of much bullying at school, especially from Biz Money B. One of his friends, Larry Wade, suggested he could end the torment on the Big Bang, a scheduled meet of all major gangs. It went wrong when all present were exposed to a mysterious toxin that granted everyone super powers.

He had a fruitful career as a superhero, fighting alongside the Dusk, Icon and Hardware, against Holocaust and the Terror Titans.

At one point, his sister Sharon was kidnapped by Darkstar. He eventually found her again, but also discovered she had been cloned. Both Sharons were taken into the family. However, the hurts proved too deep. They relocated to New York City, where he enrolled in a public high school and got an internship at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Hardware set him up with a new costume and a new secret hideout at Wright Tools, and he continued his hero game. But he found the people of New York completely different from Dakota City, and in his first weeks as a super-hero, he had to be careful to avoid lawsuits from bystanders. Though he mostly went after small fries, the Slate Gang picked up on him after stopping "Sunspot", a thief who stole a suit from right under Virgil's nose at S.T.A.R. Labs[1]



  • Science: Virgil is a highly gifted student with a particular interest in the maths and sciences. He is also a talented inventor, as he was able to design the cape and wing apparatus of Red Robin's costume while at S.T.A.R. Labs and was also able to create a robot raptor using spare parts from a quantum accelerator. Robin states that Virgil's understanding of molecular structure rivals the Flash's, which was later proved when Virgil provided Kid Flash with a new costume that contained materials that realigned his molecules while stabilizing his powers after discovering that the latter's cells were rapidly deteriorating as a result of an alteration of his powers.[2] Virgil also possesses an almost fanboyish knowledge of comic books, role playing games, pop culture, and science fiction.
  • Tactical Analysis


  • Vulnerability to Bang Babies: For unknown reasons, Static can be affected by electricity-wielding metahumans whose powers are derived from Quantum Juice. Hence, Static was knocked unconscious by Alkalie's electrostatic bolts even though Virgil is normally immune to the effects of high voltage electricity.[3]


  • Tracking Devices: Static carries several tracking devices, hexagonal radio transmitters that he can use for long-term surveillance. One side of each device is coated with a strong adhesive, enabling it to remain securely attached to whatever or whomever Static plants it. The tracking devices emit a distinct radio signal that can only be detected by the receiver in Static's uniform.[3]



  • Fighting Staff: Static's main weapon is his fighting staff, which consists of four, hinged metal sections. This weapon quickly unfolds and locks into place with a flick of the wrist. The fighting staff is quite effective in close quarters combat.[4]
  • Collapsible Axe: This modern twist on the classic battleaxe is distinguished by its hexagonal-shaped head. The axe's handle can be folded into the head so Static can easily conceal it in his costume.[4]
  • Flashbacks throughout the series indicate Static's origin and history prior to moving to New York City is similar to the original version of the character. Both the Milestone-era adventures with Dusk and Icon, as well as the Dark Side Club event that launched him into the main DC Universe, have happened.



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