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Virgil Swann was a wealthy businessman and a leading figure in the Veritas Society.

To the outside world, Dr. Virgil Swann was a billionaire astronomer and a pioneer in the field of satellite communication. He was even chosen as Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1977.[1] Five years later, he had a daughter named Patricia.[2][3]

The details are unknown, but sometime after the birth of his daughter, Swann was left quadriplegic. Around 1989, Swann sold his company and donated much of his fortune to charity. Afterwards, Swann became a recluse for much of his life.[1]

However, there was a secret side to Virgil Swann. Swann was the leader of Veritas, a secret society that was convinced that a savior from the stars would come. In 1989, he had intercepted a transmission from another planet. Which is what motivated the change in his life. Swann devoted years of his life towards translating the message, eventually being able to learn the language.[1][3]

In 2003, Swann learned that one of the symbols had been found burned into the side of a barn in Smallville, Kansas. When he learned that the farmer, who owned the barn, had an adopted son named Clark Kent, he decided to contact the boy. Convinced that this boy was the one he had been waiting for and the one that the message had been about. Swann managed to arrange a meeting with Clark, where he managed to confirm that Clark was the child spoken off in the message.[1]

For the remainder of his life, Swann tried to help Clark, but passed away less than two years later.[4]


Other Characteristics

  • Virgil Swann was portrayed by Christopher Reeve. It was Reeve's final role, before passing away in 2004.