Quote1 We have a new prey, my friends. A new game. Something more challenging than assassins. HEROES Quote2
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Wanderer, real name Vitoria, is a Brazilian member of the Council of Spiders.


The girl's name was Vitoria. She ran into the jungle, despite her mother's warnings. She had no choice, she told herself. She knew the alternative. The men were drunk They chased her for sport. Running just made her more exciting prey. There are a thousand ways to die in the Brazilian rain forest. Vitoria was about to find the worst of them. With no escape possible from the pit of spiders she fell into Vitoria's eyes clear from the fear and tears just enough to see a spider crawling on her chest. She begged for help feebly, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is considered to be the deadliest spider in the world. The venom from one bite can be lethal to a full-grown man. Vitoria was eight years old. She was bitten 319 times.

The girl's pursuers had forgotten about her. She was lost to the jungle. Even as drunk as they were, they knew that. So imagine their surprise when she came walking out. It was dark, and they were drunk. So they didn't notice the bite marks until it was too late. Vitoria was still in shock after what happened in the pit. Her mind hadn't quite snapped back yet. So when the man dropped dead in front of her and when she proceeded to kill the other two men with him it may not have even registered that she'd become something other than human.

Those who saw the girl return to town would call her the Wanderer in time, as the legend grew around her. The girl who could not die. The girl whose touch itself was death. She came home to find her mother. But not to seek her comfort, like any child naturally would. The Wanderer came home for a different reason. Maybe her mind snapped, maybe she didn't know what she was doing. But maybe she did and maybe she liked it.


  • Fatal Touch: Those who come into contact with Vitoria's skin fall dead at her feet. It is unknown why this happens but her victims foam at the mouth upon death as such it is thought that her touch has the same venom as the Brazilian Wandering Spider, whose venom is a neurotoxin.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Although the main fighting style in Brazil is Capoeira, Vitoria's style is a bit different as if she puts her own flair into it's kicks and deflects. Her fighting style is designed to bring her into close quarters with her opponents. She has been able to fight Red Robin in hand-to-hand combat and match him evenly.



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