Quote1 ... I shall then be supreme master of the Western Hemisphere! Quote2
Vlamir Koran src

In the mid-1930s, Vlamir Koran came out of seemingly nowhere, and conquered Argentina. His banner, trademark, logo, and swastika-substitute was the Black Spot, a green O on a black background. It was displayed everywhere.

He consolidated his power in Argentina, then overran Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. He sent his entire air fleet on a successful bombing raid at the Panama Canal. The Canal's locks were destroyed, cutting off half of the U.S. Navy from disrupting Koran's operations in the Caribbean Sea. A period of naval skirmishing followed, and Koran's forces were driven away from the American shores.

In the summer of 1938, a coalition of rebel forces, led by Emanuel Hasana, began to counterattack. In just a few months, Koran's forces were driven out of almost all of South America.



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