Vohc is a Kryptonian God who acts as the perpetrator of original sin in Kryptonian Mythology and a source of evil.

Vohc was originally given the task of decorating Krypton with as many beautiful creations as possible while his sister goddess, Flamebird, was given the task of destroying them to cause Vohc to create even greater things. After Flamebird destroyed Vohc's newest and most cherished creation against his wishes, Vohc took revenge on both Flamebird and her lover, Nightwing, and renounced Father Rao and the other gods, thereby becoming the first heretic. Vohc would eventually fuse with a mad Kryptonian scientist and criminal named Jax-Ur and continue his vendetta against Flamebird and Nightwing. Vohc was eventually destroyed by Flamebird and Nightwing during his latest plan to destroy the cosmos while admitting to his sibling deities his desire to have something for himself that would not be destroyed.



  • Artistry: Vohc was well-versed in the creation of many works of beauty on Krypton.



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