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Voltaic was a member of the Suicide Squad.


Voltaic was a Gotham City criminal and was imprisoned by Black Spider. Between 37 criminals on death row from Belle Reve, Voltaic was chosen to be a member of the Suicide Squad. On their first mission, the seven members of the Suicide Squad were captured and tortured to get information. It was later revealed that the torture was only a test.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller sent out the six remaining members on their second mission. Voltaic teamed up with Deadshot and after the mission was completed, Deadshot killed Voltaic under the order of Amanda Waller.

Amazingly, Voltaic appears again, still a member of the Squad. Harley and Deadshot both comment on this, but receive no explanation. He is sent on a mission to retrieve a person of interest by infiltrating the lair of the supervillainess Red Orchid. During a fight with her underlings, Voltaic is stabbed through the chest with a sword. Instead of dying, he merely continues fighting. He is later knocked unconscious while battling Red Orchid. Upon her defeat, the Suicide Squad, joined by Waller, are forced to escape through the sewers, where he is again knocked out by a creature known as Trench, who commands the sewage. Trench attempts to kill the Squad after kidnapping Waller, only for Voltaic to save them with a forcefield. Intent on killing him first, Trench is confused, stating that Voltaic is not even alive, and is killed by an electric attack moments later.

Having returned to base, the Unknown Soldier now a member of the Suicide Squad, he passes the time by playing a game of scrabble with Harley, only to start an argument with the Soldier, who beats him to death with a stick. Doctors attempt to revive him with what they call the Samsara Serum, only for it to cause his body to explode.


  • Voltaic was one of many characters who was introduced into the DCnU (formerly known as DCU) after the 2011 relaunch.



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