Vorm better known as Dynamo Boy was a criminal and pirate living on the asteroid colony of New Tortuga.

This is the home of most of the scum and villainy that exists in the United Planets.

The Legion of Super-Heroes became a major thorn in the sides of space pirates. The leader of the Space-Pirate Pack staged a contest to see who would infiltrate the Legion, to detroy them. Vorm won the contest, and used a special belt to simulate energy-powers.

He demonstrated in front Legionnaire Star Boy, impressing him. Dynamo Boy became a Legionnaire with Star Boy Help, and proceeded to expel all the other members. He did this by causing the Legionnaires to violate clauses from their own constitution. After a month, he was the only Legionnaire left.

Vorm then proceeded to hold tryouts, looking not for good Legionnaires, but for people who would be easily coruptable. After rejecting several honorable applicants, he met three members of the time traveling Legion of Super-Villains. Legion of Super-Villains allowed Dynamo Boy to believe that they were loyal, by commiting good deeds by day and crimes by night. But eventually, they revealed that they had no need for him, and tricked him into a time machine set for the far future. Vorm was stranded there and has not been heard from since.


  • None, uses hidden technology


  • Energy Manipulation Device: Dynamo Boy uses a device that enabled him to discharge energy-bursts as if they were priduced by his body.



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