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Vortex was a member of the Doom Patrol.

Vortex is a being from the distant future. He is a member of a mysterious group of beings who are composed entirely of energy, and who may be the ultimate evolutionary form of the human species. These beings maintain a caste system based upon their level of power and evolutionary state. These states are referred to as Phases. The level of their Phase (as in Phase 2, Phase 8, etc.) is directly related to their place in the caste. During an experimental test flight Larry Trainor inadvertently traveled to the future and bonded with one of these beings, which resulted in significant changes to his Negative Spirit. Vortex, a Phase 3, learned that a Phase had been lost in time and, despite his relatively low caste, traveled back in time to save the being.

Upon his arrival in the past, Crucifer and the Tenth Circle abducted Vortex, as part of their plan to assemble metahuman hosts for Crucifer's other-dimensional vampire lords.[1] Under Crucifer's mental domination Vortex assisted in the kidnapping of other young metahumans, but he made friends with fellow abductees Nudge and Grunt. Eventually, the three managed to contact the Justice League and the Doom Patrol, who defeated Crucifer.[2] Vortex then joined the Doom Patrol.[3]

Vortex eventually realized that Trainor's Negative Spirit had bonded with the time-displaced Phase and attempted to help him. Around the same time, three Phases returned from the future to retrieve Vortex. Their interaction with the Negative Spirit had unexpected consequences, causing Vortex, the other Phases and the Negative Spirit to involuntarily merge into a giant creature. The Doom Patrol was able to stop the creature and free the Phases. The Phases, including Vortex, returned to the future, but not before Vortex made his feelings for Nudge known by kissing her and telling her that he would keep an eye on her.[4]


  • Alien Physiology: Vortex is composed of chronal energy.
    • Silent Scream: Vortex could project a silent scream which causes a force blast to be projected from his mouth.
    • Horrific Visage: Vortex is a being of energy. He wears a full body suit and a "Facial Simulation"[4] which causes him to appear as a blue skinned humanoid. Looking directly into Vortex's face when his energy form is exposed will cause the looker to go insane.



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