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Voz is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


One of the oldest and fiercest members of the Green Lantern Corps, Voz is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up on Eciram, one of the deadliest planets in the galaxy, he learned early on that size does not matter. With carnivorous, gargantuan creatures in abundance, he survived through sheer force of will alone, forging him into the Lantern he has become today.

An alien species known as the Draal who clone Lanterns and steal their power rings once abducted Voz. However, he escaped and assisted his fellow captured Lanterns, Guy Gardner, Graf Toren, RRU-9-2, Gpaak, and Bivvix in putting an end to the Draal threat.[1]

Emerald Twilight

After the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, Voz was one of scores of powerless Green Lanterns captured as part of an interstellar slave ring. He and the rest of the Green Lanterns were rescued by Guy Gardner.[2]

Restored Corps

This galactic police officer's fearlessness and aura of confidence convinced the Guardians of the Universe to appoint him warden of the Sciencells, the most impenetrable prison in the cosmos. If inmates stir up trouble, Voz is quick to quell the situation with his ring and claws.[3]





  • Voz's constructs are raw and primal often exploding forth instead of forming.



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