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  The Vrangs were a warlike, conquering race of aliens who came to the planet Krypton thousands of years ago with plans of conquest.


Astronomer Sul-El, ancestor of Earth's champion, Superman, was the first to take notice of their presence when Rao's rays reflected off their fleet of ships. Sul-El voiced his concerns to Usk-Mar, the governor of Kandor, but Usk-Mar regarded Sul-El's claims as little more than prankish rambling. Sul-El became a laughingstock in Kandor. Because of Usk-Mar's recalcitrance, the Vrangs found the Kryptonians easy prey. They quickly conquered the continent of Lurvan and enslaved hundreds of Kryptonians, putting them to work mining the Jewel Mountains. Sul-El and his young son, Hatu-El spent many years in the mountains. When Hatu-El was an adult, he witnessed his fellow slave Val-Lor heroically defy the Vrangs. Though he paid for such effrontery with his life, Val-Or's noble sacrifice inspired Hatu-El and others like him to rise up and rebel against the Vrangs. The key towards winning their freedom rested on Hatu-El's ability to harness electricity to power their weapons. As the Vrangs did not have any equitable resources at their disposal, the Kryptonians quickly turned the tide against them, forcing their alien masters to flee Krypton never to return.[1]

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