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Brainiac was a supercomputer who survived and wanted to collect the information of all destroyed realities and timelines.

Brainiac was a survivor of the Flashpoint event, having surpassed the Source Wall in his search for knowledge sometime prior to the reset of the timeline. From there, Brainiac gazed upon the secrets of the past iterations of the Multiverse, and was warped by witnessing the Crisis events, like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, into a supremely powerful amalgamation of the different incarnations of himself from extinct universes and timelines.[1] Brainiac, the god-machine, then emerged into the Post-Flashpoint reality (where a new incarnation of himself existed, serving unconsciously as an extension of the god-machine's will and being), and uncovered the location of Vanishing Point from torturing Booster Gold. From Vanishing Point, Brainiac could roam the complete history of the Multiverse, collecting doomed cities from defunct timelines, alternative futures, and parallel worlds to add to his collection.[2] These captive cities are placed on a planet that Brainiac conquered and enslaved a man known as Telos to look after the cities.

During one such venture, Brainiac traveled to an alternate timeline of Prime Earth to capture New York City, but was thwarted by the timeline's respective denizens, leaving him trapped in a T-Sphere. Due to Brainiac's absence, Telos was prompted to forcing the contained cities into a battle to the death, in order to prove their worthiness to survive. This event nearly led to an irreversible destruction of the Multiverse. In a bid to save the Multiverse, the time-traveler Waverider freed Brainiac. Despite being treated with hostility from the former prisoners of the captured cities, Brainiac sought redemption for his actions and only wished to return to being the original Brainiac of Colu. He sends the cities and their inhabitants back to their home realities and retroactively averts the collapse of the Pre-Crisis Multiverse by sending the New Earth Superman and the Parallax-corrupted Pre-Zero Hour Hal Jordan back to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, alongside the Earth-One Flash and Supergirl, who were historically supposed to die in the event. Due to the added contributions of Superman and Parallax, not only did the original Multiverse survive, but the Flash and Supergirl did as well, changing the course of everything transpiring from that point onwards. Finally, Brainiac relieved Telos of his duties and vanished to parts unknown.[3]





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