Quote1 I am the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds. You are nothing but fists. Quote2
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Originally a scientist on his home world of Colu, Vril Dox became obsessed with learning everything there was to know in the universe. He subjected himself to extensive genetic and cybernetic enhancements, transforming his Coluan body into the towering cyborg the universe would come to know as Brainiac. He constructed a ship, designed to interface with his cybernetic implants and become an extension of his own body and will, and began to travel through space, absorbing information on other planets and civilizations. A flaw in his cybernetic brain made Brainiac incapable of accepting that, since living planets were always changing and civilizations evolving, learning everything was impossible. To remedy this, Brainiac created an army of robotic soldiers he would use to attack cities on inhabited planets, killing anyone they deemed redundant, before using a special force field projector to shrink the cities down to the size of a model he would keep stored on his ship. After capturing a city from a planet, Brainiac would launch a missile he called a Solar Aggressor into the planet's sun, causing it to go supernova and consume the rest of the planet, preventing any new data from ever entering the universe. To prevent his prisoners from trying to escape, Brainiac used his robots to maintain the cities and quell any signs of rebellion. After capturing the city of Kandor on the planet Krypton, Brainiac detected activity in the planet's core that showed the world was about to explode on its own, and thus saved himself the trouble of using a Solar Aggressor. This would ultimately prove to be his undoing.





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