Quote1 You don't understand. Look! They're spoiling everything! You can't love here-- This is hell! Quote2
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Vuall was a governess demon charged by Sir Timothy Hunter and Barbatos with the task of teaching Molly O'Reilly how to be the perfect girl for Sir Timothy.

Vuall had received different Mollys during her years of service to Barbatos and Sir Timothy, as they are used to taking them from different timelines to have a good supply of girls for Sir Timothy to be busy.[1] The last Molly that she took under her wing was the present day Molly, who was not as easy to teach as any other Molly, and even with the menace of hurting Tanger, Molly found the inner strength to confront the demoness, and with the help of Tim Hunter, escape. Vuall was witness of an horror that never happened in Hell before, the kids shown their affection with a kiss, and warped this aspect of hell into a pretty palace. Vuall was also changed into a beautiful lady, who seemed to be sleeping in a crystal coffin.[2] The future of Vuall after this, is unknown.




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