Quote1 Confess? I boast of it! Here in this bottle is your doom if you make one move to seize me! Listen, and you may be spared! Quote2
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Vulcanar got the entire world's attention one day in 1951, when the West German Autobahn, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, London Bridge, the Pyramid at Giza, Hawaii's Diamondhead, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Canadian Parliament Building all caught fire on the same day. Hundreds of lives were lost. Stone and steel burned like timber. He confronted the United Governments and demanded one billion dollars per nation per year, or else.

The famous Blackhawk Squadron intervened, and Blackhawk personally infiltrated Vulcanar's aircrew before he'd even left the U.G.'s airport. But this move was expected, and Blackhawk was captured. His squadron followed Vulcanar to his base, in the Pacific Ocean, and avoided falling into a trap at his airfield by landing in a bay on the island's coast. The commando pilots got into the base, and there was a brawl inside, then both sides took to the air in their respective types of aircraft, and an aerial dogfight ensued. The Blackhawks won that fight, and one shot-down jet crashed into the live volcano's crater, splashing magma into Vulcanar's Flame Crystal supplies, which blew up the entire island. Vulcanar was standing atop the volcano at that moment, and perished.



  • 2-prop-engine transport plane
  • four jet fighter planes


  • Flame Crystals, radio-wave-activated crystals which cause steel or stone to burn like lumber.



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