In his early years in Atlantis, Vulko was the adviser to Atlanna. When Orm was twelve, his father was killed and Atlanna saw this as her chance to leave Atlantis. Vulko arranged the escape route for her and Orm, but she was murdered the night before her escape. Vulko believed Orm had her killed. Although Vulko accused him of the murder, Orm's loyalists tried to arrest him. Vulko managed to escape and began a life on the surface world, hoping to find Arthur so that he can defeat Orm and reclaim his rightful place as king.[1]

Years later, upon meeting Arthur off the coast of Norway, Vulko showed a young Arthur his birthright, the home of Atlantis. Vulko gave Arthur a map to the Dead King's armory, where Atlantis' most powerful artifacts were kept. He also gives him the Atlantean stones that lied on the crown of the Dead King, the creator and first king of Altantis, before it was destroyed. Although Arthur does not believe he will be accepted, Vulko had faith that Arthur could save Atlantis.[1]

When Arthur left the position of King of Atlantis, Vulko was banished once again from Atlantis and lived on the surface world.[2]

Wanting to see his King restored to the throne, Vulko secretly hired Black Manta to steal the Dead King's Scepter.[3] Vulko later sabotaged military weapons testing to target and fire explosive missiles on Atlantis. His intention was to incite Orm to begin the Atlantean War Plan. Orm began an invasion of the surface world in retaliation for the attack and for previous years of pollution dumped into his ocean. Vulko's plan was to force Arthur to take back the throne of Atlantis and become the king again. Vulko used the scepter to control the Trench to invade the surface world as well throwing another threat at Arthur. Seeing a common enemy, and learning the plans of Vulko, Aquaman defeated Orm and the Trench to re-take the throne of Atlantis as Vulko has planned. Seeing his goal accomplished, Vulko conceded the scepter to Arthur as the rightful king and was promptly punished by his new king to be punished in Atlantis.[4]




  • Dead King's Scepter (Formerly): An Atlantean artifact that was made by Atlan thousands of years ago. Vulko used scepter to telepathically control the Trench to invade the surface world.[8]



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