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Quote1 I am not ashamed of my actions, Mr. Allen. You've seen what these meta-humans are capable of. Soon, your prison won't be enough. Quote2
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Major-General Wade Eiling is a corrupt military officer of the U.S. Army, with an interest in weaponizing meta-humans.  

Wade Eiling previously worked with Harrison Wells on experiments in S.T.A.R. Labs. One of Eiling's favorite subjects was a large, silverback gorilla named Grodd. Eiling mercilessly subjugated the lab animal to many torturous experiments, attempting to increase Grodd's intelligence. Eventually, Wells shut down these inhuman tests, ending both Eiling's experiments and their partnership.  

Five years later, Eiling returned to Central City, leading a manhunt for Bette Sans Souci, a former bomb disposal expert. Eiling saw potential in her meta-human ability to turn ordinary objects into explosives and sought to weaponize the woman. Backed by a squad of his soldiers, Eiling confronts Souci, but she creates several bombs that kill his men. Eiling himself managed to survive Souci's attacks and fatally shot her. Upon dying, her body turned into an active bomb, threatening to destroy the entire city. Thankfully, The Flash manages to get her corpse out of the area before she explodes. While he lost his potential weapon, Eiling discovered the Flash's secret identity during this event. To avoid prosecution, Eiling later claims the explosion was simply the military testing weapons.[2]

Eiling later approaches Wells, trying to threaten the scientist into working together again. Wells flatly refuses, telling Eiling to never return to S.T.A.R. Labs again. Ignoring this warning, the general soon begins hunting down the newly emerged metahuman Ronnie Raymond. Eiling strikes a deal with Wells, who gives up Doctor Martin Stein to avoid losing Ronnie. Eiling almost immediately begins torturing his new captive, wanting information regarding the Firestorm Matrix. Despite the brutal interrogation, Stein refuses to give the general any information. Angered, Eiling threatens to shoot him, claiming he is only doing what is best for his country. Thankfully, the Flash arrives to rescue Stein.[3]

Soon after this, Eiling found himself kidnapped by The Reverse Flash. Angered by the general's treatment of meta-humans, Reverse-Flash leaves Eiling at the mercy of Grodd. Under the telepathic ape's mind control, Eiling attacks several gold transports, using the alter-ego Goldfinger. He is eventually defeated and unmasked by the Flash and later imprisoned. While incarcerated, the heroes discover Grodd's mind control over him, which is broken once the gorilla is defeated. Eiling is released from prison, unashamed of his actions against meta-humans. However, he offers the Flash his assistance in stopping Reverse-Flash, seeking revenge against the villain for leaving him to Grodd.[1]


  • Leadership: Wade Eiling is a 2-star general for the U.S. Military, making him an excellent and capable leader. He is a remarkably intelligent man and master strategist, as seen how he used highly specialized weapons against meta-humans to target their specific abilities. However, this is often mitigated by his lack of care regarding the safety of other people, even his own men.  
  • Tactical Analysis: Eiling is highly skilled at analyzing whatever situation he finds himself in. He possesses a highly dynamic and adaptable mind and is always preparing for every possible threat or eventuality.
  • Deception: Eiling is a highly deceptive individual, willing and able to trick people to help him achieve his goals.
  • Military Protocol: Eiling has a thorough knowledge of all forms of military protocol.

Other Characteristics

  • Irrational Hatred: Eiling possesses extreme animosity for all meta-humans after witnessing their power. Rather than seeing them as people, he only views them as potential tools that can be used to strengthen the U.S. Army. He will stop at nothing to hunt them down and weaponize them, willing to use torture and other immoral methods to achieve his goal. He is so blinded by his hatred that it can be seen as an extreme form of monomania.  



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