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Quote1.png The night your particle accelerator died is the night the impossible was born. I think we should start working together again. Quote2.png
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Major-General Wade Eiling is a US Army officer with an interest in weaponizing metahumans.

Eiling worked with Harrison Wells on experiments in S.T.A.R. Labs. Wells told Eiling that he's putting an end to the unethical experiments, ending their partnership.

Five years later, Eiling returned to Central City, on the hunt for Bette Sans Souci. As a former member of the US Army herself, Eiling saw Souci as a potential weapon thanks to her unique ability to turn anything she touched into an explosive. After Souci came into contact with The Flash and the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Wells convinced Souci to go after Eiling and kill him. Eiling confronted Souci with several of his men, but Souci used her powers to create several bombs and killed Eiling's men. However, Eiling was still alive, and shot Souci, killing her and turning her into an active bomb. The Flash is able to drop her safely away from the city as she explodes. Eiling then assures to the public that the military were conducting underwater weapons test to avoid prosecution.

Eiling later meets Wells in S.T.A.R. Labs, trying to threaten the scientist into working together again. Wells, however, tells Eiling to leave and never return to S.T.A.R. Labs again.

He ignores that warning when he sets his sights on the "Burning Man". Threatening to never stop hunting him, Eiling strikes a deal with Harrison Wells, who gives up Martin Stein in order to avoid losing Ronnie Raymond.

Eiling returns to the military base to torture Dr. Stein, forcing him to give up information on the Firestorm Matrix. The interrogation, proving fruitless, turns sour as the Major-General points a gun at his captive's head, explaining he is doing what is best for his country. Stein is rescued just in time by the Flash, however, successfully evading Eiling's execution.

The Reverse Flash later kidnaps Eiling and leaves him for Grodd in retaliation. Eiling is dragged away into the sewers screaming, his fate belonging to the gorilla.

When Eobard is unmasked, he uses Grodd as a diversion. The gorilla uses his telephatic skills to control Eiling and make him attack several gold transports. Wade is stopped by Barry Allen, who put him in a cell. Flash realize that the General is under thelepathic control when he integorrates him. He also learn that the General is officially on leave, being covered by the ARGUS. After Grood is defeated, Wade is freed. When Allen tells him that he will have to pay one day for his actions General Eiling replies that he is not ashamed of what he did, implied that it was what's necessary to protect the country, then he offers his help to defeat the Reverse Flash, having a score to settle for being turned into a puppet in the hand of Grodd.




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